“It’s a Crime, What’s Happened to Us” – The Vaccine Injured Share Their Stories [VIDEO]

Jerm Warfare Battleground, [2022/04/14 09:20 AM]

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This is pure nonsense. The latest attempt at introducing mainstream COVID fear porn through a phony  “alternative” back door.

The message is  as always in these controlled “alternatives”  – “Be afraid of COVID, because it is a REAL THING”

The PTB don’t care if you’re afraid of a virus, a MANMADE virus, 5G or snake venom in the water.

Just so long as you believe COVID is REAL, NEW AND DEADLY.

The only really inadmissible thing is the truth – COVID is a scam. A pea-and-thimble game on a massive scale

Because you can’t govern through fear if no one is afraid.

Seriously – if the blurb alone doesn’t tell you this is manipulation you need to overhaul your BS detector

“The world” DIDN’T “get sick”.  “Covid” DIDN’T “spread”. The PTB just want you to think so, and these guys are helping that along…

Is someone dumping “snake venom” in the water? Maybe. Who knows. The world is insane. But it has ZERO to do with the “COVID pandemic” because the covid pandemic was made up.


Covid-19 has never been proven to exist.

UK’s Govt Office for Science Admits no proof of isolated ‘COVID-19 virus’ | Principia Scientific Intl.

UK’s Government Office for Science has no record of a “COVID-19 virus” isolated from an unadulterated …

Germ theory, Covid 19 and the contagion myth thoroughly debunked and destroyed. Game over.

If you believe in viruses, mutated strains, and any other such nonsense, you won’t after you see these.


Jerm Warfare Battleground, [2022/04/14 08:47 AM]
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Stop with the “SARS comes from a biolab” nonsense.

There is no SARS-CoV-2 virus (natural or manmade) causing a disease called COVID-19.


Influenza (Seasonal)