Dr. Tenpenny: Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Being Threatened for the Next Pandemic


💉⚰️ 18 years old KASEY TURNER, gets the Bioweapon and dies two weeks later

– September 13, 2021: Bioweaponized
September 23: hospitalized for severe headache
– Sept. 27: dies of cerebral venous thrombosis
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Human stupidity is such, that even if the vaccine was 0% effective, people would still Bioweaponized themselves with any shit available

This MORONS are in such a state of lethargy and dumbness, you can do nothing for them, there’s nothing that reacts in their brains

I always knew people could be really stupid, but since March 2020 I feel like I’m living in the Friggin Twilight Zone
Join us 👉 Https://t.me/HumanResistanceAllianceHRA