Did Pfizer hide adverse reactions?

Dr. Ryan Cole: “If an authorization from a legal point of view is obtained through fraud, then the liability protections these pharmaceutical companies are granted through the CARES Act by Common law, those protections go away.”Did Pfizer hide adverse reactions?
video here: https://rumble.com/vxvz4p-did-pfizer-hide-adverse-reactions.html

American journalist’s warning – We are lying about Ukraine on an epic scale

Watch this video if you haven’t yet. China and Russia are full blown in on the globalist agenda. All that happens is a show.

As US government denies biological research in Ukraine, Russia exposes network of biolabs that began during the Obama-Biden administration

Leaked docs show FBI funded Ukrainian neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” that orchestrated Charlottesville chaos to stoke racial division, destabilize West

Ielian, [2022/03/21 12:17 PM]
[Forwarded from POST – @JFK_TV]

These morbidly disgusting images are from Hunter Biden’s laptop along with  graphic videos of hunter raping his young niece. They tried to cover it up by blaming the Russians.

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