Jerm Warfare Battleground, [2022/03/06 06:10 PM] [Forwarded from Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar]

PLEASE look at this. This is what I call “the control grid”. I believe 5G’s main purpose is to increase resolution so each of us will be 24/7 on the cloud, like an icon, with status displayed. It makes previous totalitarian tyrannies look lightweight. This is what’s facing us if we succumb to “vaccine mandates”. The vaccine passports are the worlds first mandatory, common format, digital ID. Add digital-only money (no cash) & this ends any concept of human freedom of decision making. And democracy.
END DAYS REALITY, [2022/03/01 08:41 AM]

‼️The WHO is trying to sneak this global authoritarian treaty through, while people are distracted. The first meeting is on March 1st. The new treaty which expands the 2005 treaty, if adopted by member states means that the WHO’s constitution (as per Article 9) will take precedence over each country’s constitution during natural disasters or pandemics. In other words, the WHO will be dictating not just recommending.

This is just another step towards their One World Government aka New World Order.

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