I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump and Jones are working together on this one. It’s all optics to distance Trump from the “right wing conspiracy theorists”, so he’s more appealing to the normies. Regarding Jones’s comment about Trump not playing 4D chess, these are they types of deception operations you do when your playing 4D. 🇺🇸🦅

Alex Jones Threatens to ‘Dish Dirt’ on Trump for Pushing Vaccine

The one-time presidential pal has been taking massive swings at Trump over his endorsement and subsequent push of the jab.


Google Exposed In Real Time As Dr. Malone’s Mass Formation Psychosis Talk Goes Mega Viral [VIDEOS]

Big Tech colluding with Big Pharma to manipulate the masses without them even knowing it’s happening?


TWP was highly recommending everyone should buy and immediately read ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as soon as it came out.

Woo Boy did we understate that. Drop everything and read this book. Get a copy to everyone you know who’d be willing to read it. If it helps getting “normies” to read, it’s written by a liberal Democrat and it’s anything but pro-Trump.