Dr. Robert Malone: We Are Living In An Authoritarian Pharmaceutical Wargame

This is a wargame designed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, John Hopkins University, and the CIA.
“They have been implementing it in lockstep driving towards the inevitable conclusion of what they believe is the necessary process to force vaccination
As I said the key problem here is they’ve gone down this road and they never adapted to the fact that this is not a highly lethal virus except in certain special populations.
For most of us this is not something to fear. They also assumed that natural immunity is not going to work. That’s where we are at right now.”

Media Outlets Report Fake News That UK COVID Hospitalizations Are 14 Times Higher Than Last Year

If Pfizer admitted in 2010 that it was paying kickbacks to 4,500 doctors, scientists, and medical professionals…

How many do you think Pfizer owns today❓
How many of these television doctors and twitter scientists are paid by Pfizer❓

UK: Vaxxed Dying at a 6-Times Higher Rate than Unvaxxed; US Vaxxed have 18% Higher Death Rate

UK Investigation: The Deadliest Batches Of The COVID Deadly Shots Were Somehow Sent To All The Red Republican States Across The USA!

Dark Journalist X-Series 112: Deep State UFO Games: Danica Mars Baseball Mystery!

Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Mars The Big Ancient Lie!

Carel Bekker, [2021/11/12 05:10 AM]
[Forwarded from Dr. Jane Orient]

Hello Americans.
Hello Anti-vaxxers.

I am Former Researcher of Pfizer Inc.You can find me on Google !

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In 7 days i will start sharing SECRET documents, human trials and everything Pfizer Inc. has been hiding from the public.

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Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Mars The Big Ancient Lie!

Massive Megalith on Mars, Highly Advanced Civilization Discovered, Satellite Video Footage

Ok, this is like something STRAIGHT out of a Sci-fi Movie!! Bizarre activity ABOVE the earth!