BREAKING NEWS: The UN Launched A Plan To Vaccinate Children On Force Without Parental Consent!

BREAKING: Early Rollout Vax Injured Claim Ivermectin Successfully Treated Their Paralysis

Why Aren’t Democrats Protesting the Biden DOJ Over Lack of 1/6 Insurrection Charges?

BOMBSHELL: New York Times, FBI Confirm Legitimacy of Ashley Biden Diary Published by National File

Last year, National File published the entirety of Ashley Biden’s diary, in which she revealed she had inappropriate showers with her father, Joe Biden. 

L.A. Archbishop Decries Rise of Globalism, Anti-Christian ‘Elite Leadership Class’
L.A. Archbishop José Gomez has denounced a campaign “to erase the Christian roots of society” and to suppress Christian influences.
no no –
1.  “christianity” is a false idiology = a death cult
2.  globalism is kain-Babel-ism & its eternal mission is to__erase the AWDAM >the White Race =Genesis 3:15

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, of Los Angeles, and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), kneels in prayer before a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Mother of the Church," as he leads a special liturgy in renewing the consecration of the United States to the care of …

Another RussiaGate Source Arrested For Lying!

Durham: The First Indictment

What Happens When a Highly Regarded Prosecutor Joins Trump World? Just Ask John  Durham

Democrats before Biden

Die Suidland in voorbereiding!