This is how the world works and who’s behind the Covid 19 genocide.

[Forwarded from The Suckerville Show]


Truth behind the Victorian Police, big pharma, CONvid hexxine – –  and the Australian government (20.07.2021):

Everyone —  a reminder again…..research SERCO. they own, fund, and control victoria police and PORT and CCP (Chief Commissioner of Police) Shane Patton who Dan Andrews hired to do his NWO goon work, is friends and linked to the CEO of SERCO. SERCO also has a head office in guess where…..MELBOURNE!          SERCO also run and own all the prisons in the world, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, surveillance, transport, food, water, you name it they do it including arming mercenaries to overthrow governments and attack people and create false flags events.

They use operatives like Black Water to do the dirty work. SERCO is run by the Spencer Royal Family, Prince Charles etc and Prince William. And guess who are the majority shareholders of SERCO? Vanguard and Blackrock who OWN everything on the planet. All the food companies, media, etc etc.

And guess who are majority shareholders of Vanguard and Blackrock? Soros, Gates, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s and all our lovely government people like the prime minister and leaders of the world who also happen to be on the board of directors and shareholders of the big pharma companies doing the deadly killing everyone hexxcine.

Why did you actually think SCOMO, dan, et al are pushing the hexx so hard?? BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE PHARMA COMPANIES DOING IT AND HOLD SHARES AND EACH PERSON THAT GETS THE HEX THEY PERSONALLY MAKE A SHIT TON OF $$$$$$!!!! Conflict of interest much??

Like i said, research the links of Shane Patton, PORT, SERCO, Vanguard, Blackrock, Gates, Scomo, Dan, Jane Halton, Brett Sutton (Jane Haltons nephew) and the pharma companies. If you put them on a whiteboard they all form a circle as one big same tyrant family.

In short…..every single Australian that our government murders in cold blood by killing them on purpose with this hexxcine, the individual members of the government, like scomo, dandy andy, palsibitch, etc PERSONALLY, P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-L-Y make money and get rich from whilst YOU my fellow brother and sister ANZAC – –  get put in the poor house /  businesses + farms +  families destroyed /   and your life held hostage.

The Australian Government is murdering their own citizens for personal profiteering .

If that won’t make you angry and puke and stand, nothing will.

-Ha Ko Ra