The Ugly Truth Of Wall Street Market Manipulation and Mandated Jabs

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QUOTE: “….FACT checkers at the BBC, Reuters and Snopes have been busy debunking the Covid vaccine ‘magnet challenge’. Social media including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram have been awash with videos showing people with magnets sticking to the exact spot on their arms where they had received a Covid jab. See some independently verified examples here. (

All three companies went to great lengths to explain why a magnet cannot possibly cling to your skin, without experimenting on a single vaccinated person to see what would happen.

BBC fact checker Jack Goodman ( spoke to many who said the magnet challenge worked for them and ‘were genuinely curious as to why’. He didn’t provide them with answers; instead he focused on one TikTok prankster called Emily who admitted she’d licked a magnet as a joke and stuck it to her arm.

It has been left to independent associations, doctors and journalists to test the phenomenon. Not On The Beeb ( founder and award-winning director Mark Playne tracked down a woman called Lorraine whose Instagram post of a magnet sticking to the Pfizer vaccine site on her left arm went viral.

The fact checkers said the video was a fake but none of them bothered to visit her and test for themselves….” cont in article link below…

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Another healthy sportsman succumbs to the clotshot. (
Cricketer and dad, 44, collapses and dies ‘before he hit the floor’ during match
Maqsood Anwar, 44, died on the pitch at Sully Centurions in the Vale of Glamorgan on July 17 after bowling eight overs and suffering