*Better  than  Nostradamus (Barry R. Smith – 1998)

“IT  is very important to realise that the U.S.A. was created to lead us into the New World Order, whilst Russia would apply the pressure that would make all that possible. This is the Hegelian dialectic in operation i.e.: (a) The U.S. = Thesis; (b) Russia = Antitheses; (c) Link the two = Synthesis.  Humanity is to be convinced  THROUGH  FEAR  of the need for a One World Government. Then they will sacrifice national sovereignty []. Hence, wars, terrorism, military aggression, are made to occur, and ever proliferate just prior to the [NWO].

             “[The  illuminati],  were the designers [1784] of the two seals found on the reverse side of every U.S. one dollar bill, dated from 1933 onwards. The eye in the triangle was called by Weishaupt … The Insinuating Brethren. This simply meant that ultimately the Luciferian gnostic eye would represent the leaders of the One World Government [=NWO] who, under the control of their leader, Lucifer, would dominate every other group in society.

             “1933 – A key date:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason had both these seals printed on the reverse side of the US$1 bill just as the U.S. was climbing out of the stock market crash of 1929.  The pyramid has 13 layers of stone, representing the 13 initial [American] states, yet 13 is also an important number in witchcraft. This is the ‘eye of Horus’ in Egyptian mythology and in reality represents the eye of Lucifer or Satan. This triangle on the dollar is connected with the Cult of the Triangles – the Palladium.

             “Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American eagle. … the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalised phoenix. [The phoenix] is a mystical bird that rises from man’s first attempt to set up a similar system of One World Order, namely ‘the Tower of Babel’. Here we see a bird with its head turned towards its right wing … with 3 Latin words written there for all to see – ‘E Pluribus Unum’ – Out of many – One. The original aim was to unite the 13 original colonies into the [U.S.]. A would be Presidential hopeful, Jack Kemp, and now running mate with Bob Dole [] made a very interesting comment, … ‘America’, he said, ‘was not created to be one great power among many. It was created to be the novus ordo seclorum – a new order for the age. Our nation has come to a defining moment.

             “Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for  A  PECULIAR  AND  PARTICULAR  PURPOSE  known only to the initiated few … [to] put Lucifer (Satan / the devil) on the throne of the world and thus set up a secular, ungodly, heathenistic, [NWO].”

             “The Iron Mountain Committee were commissioned to solve ‘A problem facing the U.S. if War gave way to Peace by the year 2000. This peace would be under the full control of the United Nations. The U.S. would then link up with the United Nations. The report says  ‘THE AGE OF NATIONS MUST END.  The age of humanity must begin”.

             “Note also, that [The Iron Mountain report] has been removed from the [Internet]. ‘Why?’ we ask. Has somebody received threats? A number of back ground planners have an agenda. George Bush referred to these planners in his Gulf War speech. There is no morality; there are no ethics in this plan. Humanity is looked upon as a herd of animals with no rights whatsoever.

             “[The report] reveals the true functions of war: (*) War is the basic social system. The capacity to make war is the greatest social power it can exercise … It is a matter of life and death; (*) War is a necessary economic waste, and works outside the normal supply and demand system. It creates an artificial demand; (*) It acts as a counterbalance  TO  DESTROY  AND  THEN  REBUILD [= Hegel dialectic]; (*) War is the glue which holds a nation together [… A nation has to have a common goal and a common identity]; (*) The elimination of war brings us World Government [=NWO / Rev.13] …”

             ” … (*) Something else needed to be phased in to control the people and bring stability to the system; (*) Until the new threat is fully set up, wars will continue otherwise the world’s leaders lose power; (*) The new problem must be of credible quality – Such a threat will have to be  INVENTED. It is called the environmental movement! [+ vigs, Moslem-ekstremisme, terrorisme, misdaad, barbarisme …].

             “[I was] also aware of President [George] Bush’s involvement with a secret fraternity called the ‘Skull and Bones’, during his days at Yale University [- whose motto … is the same as that [] on the [] US$1 bill ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ i.e. a secular, heathenistic, ungodly, [NWO]. The [Skull and Bones] manipulates politics, education, religion, and economy, towards one end i.e. a complete takeover of every person’s individual freedoms. Being of German origins, the philosophies of two great thinkers were strictly adhered to:  (a) Kant; (b) Hegel. Quoting from Antony Sutton’s book, we read – ‘From this system of Hegelian philosophy comes the historical dialectic i.e. that all historical events emerge from a ‘conflict’ between opposing forces …

             “Mikhail Gorbachev made a speech at the united Nations [07/12/’88], weeks after the election of George Bush to leadership of the free world. ‘Today, the further world progress is only possible through a search for a universal human consensus as we move forward to a New World Order.

             “From Yale University came one of the most powerful secret organizations now driving toward a New World Order. Anthony Sutton [wrote] America’s Secret Establishment – An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones. [The select] lie in a coffin; they drink blood from a human skull, surrounded by Nazi swastikas – the eternal sign of the Babylonian sun god; then they rise as reborn man-gods. I Will summarize the 280 page book in one sentence:

             “‘We’re going to use the Hegelian Dialectic process to bring about a society in which the state is in absolute [] control, a new world order where … the individual can only find freedom in [total] obedience to the state.”



DIE  naasgaande is ’n klassieke illustrasie van die veelbesproke “geheime krag”/2Tess.2, se aard en wese, en is des te meer van toepassing op vandag se wêreld-VERHOOG.  Neem ook die chaos-beginsel in ag (2WT, p23(6)), asook die 2Tim. 3:13‑beginsel:  “… van kwaad na  ERGER …”.  As dié “krag” destyds al só daaruit gesien het …!  En boonop word hierdie “krag” se ratwerke en “doel voor oë”/Op.17:17, geïntensifiseer deur die moderne tegnologie (pp11-14), (toep./klem) –:

*Secret  Societies  and  Subversive  Movements  (Nesta H. Webster – 1924)

[GERMANY]  as the home of militarism offers a wide field for Jewish speculation. We have only to couple together an aphorism of Mirabeau’s with one of Werner Sombart’s to perceive the bond of union between the two races, thus: War is the national industry of Prussia’ and Wars are the Jew’s harvests.’ As long ago as 1793 Anacharsis Clootz, the apostle of universal brotherhood and defender of the Jewish race, declared that if Germany were to be prevented from going to war, the Jews must be persuaded to withdraw their support from her military adventures.

          ‘War could not begin or last in Germany without the activity, the intelligence, and the money of the Jews.  Mr. [Henry] Ford, the American motor-car manufacturer, appears to have arrived at much the same conclusion expressed in the words recently attributed to him: We don’t need the League of Nations to end war. Put under control the fifty most wealthy Jewish financiers, who produce wars for their own profit, and wars will cease.

Those Jews who see in the Christian Intelligentsia the main obstacle to their dream of world-power, therefore naturally find in the promoters of class-warfare their most valuable allies [=p17a].  Whether [] the Jewish power is unified or not, Jews are to be found co-operating with, if not directing, all the five [subversive] powers of which the existence is known. Thus Jews have long played a leading part in Grand Orient Masonry and predominate in the upper degrees.

          We must conclude then that if one Power controls the rest [=secret societies] it is either the Pan-German Power, the Jewish Power or what we can only call Illuminism“.

OF  course on their face value the Illuminati appear wholly admirable … [This method], pursued as early as the ninth century by Abdullah ibn Maymün, enter largely into the policy of Frederick the Great, Voltaire, and his brothers’ in philosophy – or in Freemasonry.

          The resemblances between [Adam] Weishaupt’s correspondence and that of Voltaire and of Frederick the Great are certainly very Striking. All at moments profess respect for Christianity whilst working to destroy it. Yet what is Weishaupt’s real political theory? No other than that of modern Anarchy, that man should govern himself and rulers should be gradually done away with.  With the origin of nations and peoples the world ceased to be a great family, a single kingdom [=NWO-Babilon]; the great tie of nature was torn … Nationalism took the place of human love … This virtue was called Patriotism. Diminish Patriotism, then men will learn to know each other again as such, their dependence on each other will be lost, the bond of union will widen out” [=27Okt 02, p49/50].

          Indeed the actual phraseology of illuminized Freemasonry has now passed into the language of Socialism; thus the old formula of the United States of Europe’ and the Universal Republic’ [NWO/Babilonse hoer] have been adopted not only by Mrs. [Annie] Besant and her followers as the last word in modern thought, but have also reappeared as a brilliant inspiration under the pen of mr. H.G. Wells in the slightly varied form of the World State.’ It would be amusing, for anyone who had the time, to discover how many of the ideas of our so-called advanced thinkers [=verligtes \ neo-afrikane(r) / neo-reformasiete \ boetmanniete] might be found almost verbatim in the writings of Weishaupt, the République Universelle of Anacharsis Clootz, and in the speeches of Grand Orient orators …

          Moreover, the world-revolution is not only founded on the doctrines of illuminized Freemasonry, but has adopted the same method of organization. Thus, after the plan of the secret societies, from the Batinis onward, we shall find the forces of revolution divided into successive grades – the lowest consisting of the revolutionary proletariat, the chair à révolution as Marx expressed it, knowing nothing of the theory of Socialism, still less of the real aims of the leaders; above this the semi-initiates, the doctrinaires of Socialism, comprising doubtless many sincere enthusiasts; but above these again further grades leading up to the real initiates, who alone know whither the whole movement is tending [NBIcke, p2].

THE  most illuminating passage in the whole of M. Copin Albancelli’s book is where he describes an experience that befell him after he had taken the degree of Rose-Croix. It was then that one of his superiors took him aside and addressed him in the following terms:

          ‘You realize the power which Freemasonry has at its disposal. We can say that we hold France. It is not because of our numbers, since there are only 25,000 Freemasons in this country [1889]. Nor is it because we are the brains … We hold France because we are [] the only people who are organized. But above all, we hold France because we have an aim, this aim is unknown; as it is unknown, no obstacle can be put in its way; and finally, as no obstacle is put up, the way is wide open before us.  You can imagine the power at the command of such an association? An association thus selected would do anything it chose.  IT  COULD  POSSESS  THE  WORLD  IF  IT PLEASED.” […!!!]

          Thereupon the higher adept, after asking for a further promise of secrecy, declared: Well, in exchange for this promise, Brother Copin, I am authorized to let you know that this association exists and that further, I am authorized to introduce you into it.’

          It was then that Monsieur Copin Albancelli understood that the point to which the conversation was leading up was not as he had at first supposed, an invitation to take the next step in Freemasonry – the thirtieth degree of Knight Kadosch – but to enter through a side-door into an association concealed within Freemasonry and for which the visible organization of the latter served merely as a cover. This experience had afforded him a glimpse of ‘a world existing behind the masonic world, more secret than it, unsuspected by it as by the outside world.’ Freemasonry, then, can only be the half-lit antechamber of the real secret society. That is the truth. There exists then necessarily a permanent directing Power. We cannot see that Power, therefore it is occult.

          What is the real motive power behind such societies as the Stella Matutina and again behind [Rudolph] Steiner? This remains a mystery, not only to the outside world but to the ‘initiates’ themselves. Yet hope springs eternal in the breast of the aspirant after occult knowledge, and astral message []. One of these contained the exhortation: Go on with Steiner, which is not the ultimate end of search, and we will come into contact with … the real master of the Order, who will be so overpoweringly impressive as to leave no room for doubt [=Lucifer, geheime krag”;  2Tess2-/ Op13-gedrog;  ook Mark13:22].

          [Behind] the concrete forces of revolution – whether Pan-German, Judaic, or Illuminist – beyond that invisible secret circle which perhaps directs them all, is there not yet another force, still more potent, that must be taken into account? [=geheime krag” -2Tess 2:7+;  pp1-3+]. [We] have considered the possibility that behind both open and secret subversive societies there may exist a hidden centre of direction [“geheime krag”, Illum.], and finally we have observed that at the present time many lines of investigation reveal a connexion between these groups and the Grand Orient [Vrymesselaarselite], or rather with an invisible circle concealed behind that great masonic power.”


DIE  naasgaande gedokumenteerde riller  bring ’n mens onvermydelik tot dié besef:  EINTLIK  het Adolf Hitler die globaliete se veelbesproke “doel voor oë” — die horri-Babelse en antchristelike NWO –  wat veral rondom 2000 eers werklik begin manifesteer het, reeds in 1940+ tot stand probeer bring.  Hierdie gegewens  BEWYS  dus dat die “algemene, amptelike, gedokumenteerde, analities- en wetenskaplik-korrekte” geskiedenis, ons niks  vertel van dié okkult-politiek en verwante geskiedenis nie;  dat dit éintlik ’n kleedrepetisie was vir die naderende Openbaring 13-satanika …  waarvan steeds net ’n enkele groepie Ubermensche/“geheime krag”-elite weet …!!! (toep./klem)  :

*The  Dawn  of  Magic (Pauwels & Bergier – Panther /1960)

IN  the history of Hitlerism, or rather in certain aspects of this history, everything happens as if the whole conception on which it was based has baffled the ordinary historian. [We] have carried out our researches into the events of recent history [1963 & vroeër], and consequently have thought it worthy pointing out that the founder of National-Socialism really believed in the advent of the Supermen [“Supermen”=Gen 6;  Judas :6,7 – pp4-9, 37-40, 52/3].

             It is not [] a question of a struggle between Fascism and Democracy, or between a liberal and an authoritarian conception of society. [Politics] is the exoteric side [uiterlike] of the [struggle]; but there is an esoteric side as well [=mistiek-verborge]. This struggle between gods [=Ef6:12] which has been going on behind visible events, is not yet over on this planet [-éérs met Op 20:9-15], but the formidable progress in knowledge made in the last few years is about to give it another form.

             “‘When Hitler spoke to me [] he tried to explain [that creation] is not yet completed. Man has reached a definite stage of metamorphosis’ [=p49/50, 27Okt 02]. All creative forces will be concentrated in a new species. Do you understand now the profound meaning of our National-Socialist movement? Whoever sees in [it] nothing but a political movement  DOESN’T  KNOW  MUCH  ABOUT IT.’

             Konrad Heiden [in his Adolph Hitler] wrote that [Dietrich] Eckardt undertook the spiritual formation of Adolph Hitler. [Hitler’s] instruction was given on two levels: one being concerned with the ‘secret’ doctrine [=Illum/NWO], and the other with the doctrine of propaganda [leuen + kondisionering =waarheid  – p43E]”.

Dr  WILLY  LEY, one of the world’s greatest rocket experts, fled from Germany in 1933. It was from him that we learned of the existence in Berlin shortly before the Nazis came to power, of a little spiritual community.  This secret community was founded, literally, on Bulwer Lytton’s novel The Coming Race. The book describes a race of men psychically far in advance of ours [whom] have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them almost godlike.

             [The] writer, Arthur Machen, [] was connected with an English society of Initiates, the Golden Dawn. This neo-pagan society [] was an offshoot of the English Rosicrucian Society

[founded by Wentworth Little in 1867]

. Little was in contact with the German Rosicrucians. He recruited his followers [] of the higher-ranking Freemasons. One of his disciples was Bulwer Lytton. Through his [Lytton] romantic works of fiction he expressed the conviction that there are beings endowed with superhuman powers. These beings will supplant us and bring about a formidable mutation in the elect of the human race. We must beware of this notion of a mutation. It crops up again with Hitler, AND  IS  NOT  YET  EXTINCT  TODAY [=NB:  p26c;  27Okt 02, p49/50,52/3].

             We also must beware of the notion of the Unknown Supermen’.  When Machen speaks of the World of Evil, full of caverns and crepuscular beings dwelling therein’, he is referring [] to that other world in which man comes into contact with the Unknown Supermen’. It seems certain that Hitler shared this belief, and even claimed to have been in touch with these Supermen.

             “The real destiny of humanity is something that ordinary men could not conceive of and would be  UNABLE  TO  STOMACH  if they were given a glimpse of it.  That is only possible for a few initiates.  ‘Politics,’ to quote Hitler again, ‘are only a practical and fragmentary aspect of this destiny.’ In other words, the exoteric side of the doctrine, with its  SLOGANS, its social  CONDITIONS and its  WARS. But there is also  AN  ESOTERIC  SIDE.

             “…  tragedies are being enacted of which contemporary historians are not, and even, it would seem, do not wish to be fully aware, as if  THEY  WERE  AFRAID  TO  FOCUS  ATTENTION  ON  CERTAIN  DOCUMENTS  AND  CERTAIN  INTERPRETATIONS  FOR  FEAR OF  DEPRIVING  LARGE  SECTIONS  OF  THE  POPULATION  OF  THEIR  SLEEP” […!!!].

As ’n enkele besete fanatikus in die vroeë 40s die wêreld aan die keel kon gryp en rondpluk, wat verhoed ’n volgende “Hitler” om met moderne tegnologiese wonders (kwantummanika) dieselfde te doen?  Want mense besef nie:  daar’s in wese ’n hele duiwelsmag agter so ’n besete figuur werksaam, soos in Effesiërs 6:12 se sataniese piramide-magstruktuur;  ’n mag soos “die engel van Persië/Griekeland” (pp9[e],15[a],33(11)).  Sodoende is ek bevrees dat as mens ’n blik kon verkry wat agter die skerms sit in die wêreldpolitiek (in die EU/Kremlin/Withuis/Parlement Kaapstad/Pta) ‑ asook in die geestelike realm ‑  jy nes Daniël (10:7-9 en :16,17) en soos *DOM  vermeld, “doodsbang” sou wees en snags nie sou kon slaap nie!

             Want dis juis hierdie spiritistiese  element/gegewenheid, soos deur dié Hitler-satanika gedemo(o)nstreer is ‑ en  NIE  die “amptelik wetenskaplik-gedokumenteerde” politiek/geskiedenis anale/literatuur nie ‑ wat tot twee wêreldoorloë en alle ander slagtings gely  het …  asook tot die Finale Oorlog (Amageddon) gáán lei!


IETS  skrikwekkend verkeerd is aan die gang in die wêreld, iets wat al meer gestalte vind in die vervulling van die oorblywende paar Bybelprofesieë, soos talle navorsers dit uitstip.  Die mensdom sleur agter die “geheime krag” en sy eindtyd-Bab(b)el  aan en aanbid die ding (Op13:3,4 – globalisme) in verskeie opsigte (p25/6,42).  Die wesenlike strydvraag oor die gepaardgaande gegewens (pp2,9c,[f],13/4), is:  in watter hoedanigheid of gedaante presies opereer hierdie “geheime krag” in die wêreld?  Wat behels sy wonderbaarlike resep van “gruwelike misleiding” van die totale mens se breinkrag om sy “doel voor oë” te kan bereik (Op17:17);  om as sataniese wêrelddiktator “aanbid” te word (Op13:3-5)!?

             Al hierdie wesenlike strydvrae en sinistêriteite waarmee die ou mens-dom  al meer te doen gaan kry, na mate die einde nader kom, moet dan teen die agtergrond van die meegaande Noag-kwessie (=p5,6) beskou word, asook:  a)  vals christusse en vals profete wat wonders en tekens doen (Mark13:22;  Op13:13);  b)  die verskyning van die wettelose gepaard met groot magsvertoon, vals wonders en tekens (2Tess 2:9);  c) asook Gen. 6 en Judas :6,7 se:  reuse, seuns van God, engele, geweldiges uit die ou tyd;  die vreemde wensens (O-&NV);  asook die naasgaande toepaslike boekbesprekings (d. outeur steun nie alle besonderhede nie, maar origins bied dit ongetwyfeld verklarings v. sekere verskynsels —  wat deur d. Bybel gesteun word =Gen 6, Judas :6!;  almal van: ;  2003; ook eie toep./klem):

A)      Our  Haunted  Planet   (John Keel)

SINCE  the beginning of recorded time, man and his world have been plagued by unknown forces and beings, baffled by archaeological phenomena, and haunted by prophecies that often came true. Keel introduces his theory of ultraterrestrials, an unseen prehuman race that guides us and misleads us [=Gen 6;  Judas vs6,7 – pp4-9;  –humanoids, hybrids -p50+].

             Chapters:  The Continent That Vanished [=Atlantis =Antarktika – i.v.m. *Nibiru, p46\7]; Towers of Glass and Theories of Putty; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Extinction; Scientists in Collision; Men-in-Black Lore and the CIA; The Secret of the Ages; Hello, Central, Give Me Ganymede; Where Is Everybody Going?;

             The activities of these parahumans are largely confined to specific areas of this planet, where they appear and reappear century after century. The angels keep their ancient places,’ poet Francis Thompson wrote. Thus there are many haunted’ places all over the world, shunned by ancient man or made sacred by him [=*Fingerprints of the Gods]. These are precise geographical locations, and anyone digging into the history and lore of such locations will find thousands of accounts of ghosts, demons, monsters, and flying saucers pinpointed within a few square miles and covering a thousand years or more of time.

             (sien d. sg. Bermuda-3hoek-verskynsel i.d.v.  / Hiernaas is ‘n ene Johan Nel aan die woord wat self jare tevore ‘n VVV-encounter” beleef het, & ter aansluiting by bg):

             Toe ons ná die besoek groet, wou hy weet wanneer ek teruggaan Kaap toe … hy wou my saamnooi na ‘n lesing wat hy die aand in Bloemfontein aanbied. / Waaroor []? / Hy het skielik verleë gelyk. Hy maak ‘n studie van vreemde vlieënde voorwerpe. / Glo jy dié stories?’ wou ek verbaas weet.

             Die getuienis is oorweldigend,’ het hy my verseker. Hy het na ‘n groot kaart teen die muur van sy kantoor beduie. Dit was volgens hom ‘n kaart wat deur ‘n internasionale organisasie opgestel is om aan te dui op watter plekke in die wêreld buitengewone VVV-aktiwiteite plaasvind. Hierdie driehoek [Postmasburg, Kuruman, Prieska] dui die plek in Suid-Afrika aan waar daar groot VVV-aktiwiteit is” ‑  Huisgenoot , 24/4/ 03).

B)      Extraterrestrials  in  Biblical  Prophecy

             —  and the New Age Great Experiment   (G. Cope Schellhorn):

PROFESSOR  Schellhorn has skillfully demonstrated the large body of evidence that suggests extraterrestrial visitors [=Gen 6;  Judas :6,7 = humanoids -p6,7] have long been occupied with visiting our planet, biologically engineering the development of man and directing certain control cultures such as the early Hebrews [=gnostisme, kabbalisme, Learned Elders of Zion;  Jesuit Oder”;  ook Sanhedrin, Farriseers & Wetgeleerdes;  sien p31 -ook:  duiwel is julle vader \ addergeslag, p21/2].

             Using his own research and new forgotten meaning of certain key biblical words that prove incontestably that the extraterrestrials mated with early man and continued their involvement with mankind in a Great Experiment’ that is still continuing today [=Gen6;  Judas :6]. The return of the Messiah out of the clouds’ is not metaphor but fact–and that Messiah’s army of heaven’ is not only truly extraterrestrial but has been here before.

             Amazingly, one cause of the catastrophic earth changes prophesied to occur during end times’ and mentioned in the Book of Revelation was known to the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians – Wormwood’. But the Babylonians knew it was the planet Marduk [=Nibiru -p45] and its satellites and calculated its return. Thus mankind will soon be tested in trials by fire—with the promise of scripture that the Messiah and his extraterrestrial host will be standing by to offer assistance to those who will listen.

             The assumption here and elsewhere in the Enoch manuscript is that these angelic’ beings were quite acceptable to the women of earth as potential mates and, in fact, looked humanoid, even like you and me. We need to recall as well that the serpent’ of the garden of Eden acted suspiciously like a rebellious extraterrestrial might act who has gone beyond his orders while caring for his genetically altered protégés.  In certain Gnostic manuscripts this extraterrestrial rebel, if that is what he was, is called the instructor’.

             The Book of Jubilees, in its account of the Watchers, states that the real reason the angels’ of the Lord descended on the earth was to instruct the children of men, and that they should do judgment and uprightness on the earth,’ but that they began to lust after the daughters of men (Jub 4:15). A similar lusting after the flesh is offered in the Testament of Reuben as undermining the morals of both the Watchers and daughters of men. (Reub 2:17-19 and 5:6) The instruction’ idea of Jubilees squares well with the overall evidence we have in Genesis and other scriptures that the extraterrestrial presence here was at least in part motivated by a desire to help fledgling humanity develop from a more primitive to a more moral, peaceful state, and that some direct interference in the affairs of men was made, but that a more general monitoring was intended and in fact carried out (and which present evidence suggests is continuing) with periodic offers of advice and warnings” – [sien ook *Fingerprints of the Gods  i.d.v].

C)      The  Secret  Behind  Secret  Societies  (Jon Rappoport)

THE  way of the secret society is a way of life. At its root, it is not grinning skulls and sputtering candles in dark rooms. It is not that provincial. The secret society reflects one invisible tradition that has existed on Earth for a hundred thousand years. It is the main Way that people have lived on this planet.  There is another way, another tradition, more invisible, more powerful. This book is about these two avenues [= *MB  -p1A].

             Power has been taken by very well-run organizations. Major power. On the other side of the coin, there is a growing crowd that thinks we must invoke fire-eating lizards or Satan to explain how power has been stolen from us [nee, sien net Gen3:5+ = p16/17].  I believe we are grappling, as if in a dream, with the layers of anesthetic that surround the core of our being [“dream” = “verwonderd agter d. ding  aangehel” -Op 13:4]. This search is not new, and we have all been over significant ground before. But we turn away, we demean ourselves, we fabricate existence and lessen its meaning. We pay allegiance to myths and gods, we accept a shrunken view of history.

             I use cult and secret society to mean: organized groups which harbor a hidden agenda whose purpose is to dominate and control others.  This agenda doesn’t rule out the existence of a merry public face. In fact, a cult may be doing good in one sphere while destroying life and limb on another front.

             “Most religions are secret societies. They have an agenda which involves controlling their devotees, all their charity-work notwithstanding. Historically, people seek out secret societies and religions and join them to gain freedom from pain and turmoil. People also join because they are forced to. For example, the country they live in leaves no choice. Such was the case in medieval Europe, where the Roman Catholic Church held the wand of dominance.  But there is another factor. The popular term for it these days is mind control. It used to be brainwashing, hypnotism.

             In a stunning 30-year investigation, Jon Rappoport uncovers the basic formula of all groups which seek to control individuals and civilizations. And then he reveals an invisible tradition which has existed on this planet for 10,000 years.”

D)      The  Sirius  Mystery

             New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago   (Robert K.G. Temple)

HOW  is it possible for the secret traditions of an African tribe to contain detailed data on the star Sirius which modern astronomers have only just discovered? Why can this strange information be traced back to the even older civilisations of Sumer and Egypt? The most ancient and sacred traditions of the Dogon tribe in West Africa maintain that the existence of civilisation on earth is a result of contact from inhabitants of a planet in the system of the star Sirius. Central to their cosmology is a body of knowledge concerning the system of the star Sirius that is astounding in its accuracy of detail, including specific information only recently accessible to modern science, notably the prediction of a third star which was only confirmed in 1995.

             He shows that these ancient civilisations possessed not only great wealth and learning, but also a knowledge dependent on physics and astrophysics, which they claimed was imported to them by visitors from Sirius . Temple shows how these discoveries will revolutionise our understanding of the Sphinx. Here for the first time he also reveals that the very earliest myths of the Greeks and the Chinese contain related claims about the founding of civilisation by amphibious beings. Many authors have speculated on the subject of extraterrestrial contact in ancient times, but never before has such detailed evidence been presented. The result of over thirty years of meticulously documented research, The Sirius Mystery presents a radical reappraisal of the beginnings of civilisation …

E)      The  Cosmic  Conspiracy  (Stan Deyo)

AS  part of this discussion, a unique, scientific approach to the truth of the Face on Mars’ issue is given. A more plausible and practical explanation for the event (sans alien culture) and technology is developed. This edition warns of the use of this whole face on Mars’ farce as a softening item for the public announcement of alien cultures here on earth in our immediate future [=pp5-7,12-14].  The fact that so many people are entranced by the popular hypothesis that the face is a sign of ET intelligence on Mars – even that it pre-dates mankind is, in itself, a warning that the greatest deception of all time is already successfully under way …

             The first 200 pages of the book tell about the author’s discovery of a new method of aircraft propulsion using ionized plasma gases over a circular craft in 1970…. It tells about the author’s recruitment by an ultra-secret, international research and development organization to finish his propulsion research in Australia …  It discusses the conspiracy’ behind the US Government, the United Nations, The United States of Europe, The coming Arab Confederation and the Club of Rome to establish a new, global, political power to dominate the peoples of Earth [=Dreamland \ Area 51” -pp12, 52/3].

             Rare documentary evidence on top-secret flying saucer’ research projects in England, America, Canada and the USSR, weather warfare bans between the super powers’, a 4000-year glimpse into the history of the ‘Illuminati’, planetary alignments and solar energy variations, suppression of Dr Nikola Tesla’s major energy inventions, secret codes hidden in the Great Seal of America by the Illuminati [=Smith, p40], Project Noah’s Ark’ and its real purpose, a revised look at the Biblical history of Earth, current events and ancient prophecies, the coming global dictatorship under a Club of Rome model, theory discussions on electrogravitic propulsion systems …

Soon, two major groupings of aliens are going to be identified and exposed to the public –  openly. One will be the bad’ guys or lizards or whatever. The other will be the good’ guys and will probably be handsome by human standards. BOTH of these groupings will be part of a major deception to the people of Earth. The wise will know them by their actions but the wisest will be aware of their deception before they even arrive. [sien Hegel-dialektiek, Smith -p40;  ook Icke -pp2,17,18].

             I also discuss why America has become the tool of the modern-day Babylon’ which will soon be almost destroyed by Acts of God’ [=*Nibiru, p45;  ook 11-26 Sep 01, p49+] as well as directed acts of terrorism”.


TALLE  navorsers benadruk hoedat sekere eeue-oue mistieke kultusse absoluut beheb is met bepaalde simbole ‑  dit het feitlik ’n hipnotiese uitwerking op hulle —  en déúr hulle óp die samelewing …  iets wat in wese aansluiting vind by die “mandala”-kwessie waarmee kinders in skole hulself aan moet uitlewer (p25).  Raadpleeg ’n bron soos *World’s Last Dictator (Kinman) vir die konkrete bewyse hoedat sekere dele van Washington DC se uitleg, okkultiese en Vrymesselaar-simbole uitbeeld!  Baie van hierdie simbole en motiewe kom op subtiele maniere tot uiting, maar die mensdom word ook openlik deur hierdie okkultiek in die gesig gestaar …  (=jin-jang -p17(4)) —  en hoewel hulle met “oë oop” na hierdie glurende onheile staar, is hulle só gehipnotiseer dat hulle nie ’n finger teen hierdie gedrogte kan of wil veroer nie!  Barry Smith gee die volgende perspektiewe en insigte op die meegaande kwessies (=p17+), (toep./klem):

*Better  than  Nostradamus

IT  is very important to realise that the U.S.A. was created to lead us into the New World Order, whilst Russia would apply the pressure that would make all that possible. This is the Hegelian dialectic in operation i.e.: (a) The U.S. = Thesis; (b) Russia = Antitheses; (c) Link the two = Synthesis.  Humanity is to be convinced  THROUGH  FEAR  of the need for a One World Government. Then they will sacrifice national sovereignty []. Hence, wars, terrorism, military aggression, are made to occur, and ever proliferate just prior to the [NWO].

             Prediction [1995, Smith]: Your country will also experience ethnic unrest as tensions are stirred up by factions who themselves are secretly primed by New World Order agents, following the plans of the Hegelian dialectic. Remember – Thesis versus Antithesis. At a suitable time in history, repressive laws are introduced, thus controlling both groups. Hegel called this – Synthesis.

             Which philosophy is being used? Fabian Socialism, which has 3 main planks: (a) Gradualism – sneak up on the people [= KODESA, Kemptonpark 92], then hit hard. Never slow down your reforms or deviate [regstelling, transformasie, restitusie, herverdeling …]; (b) Dispossession – every book I have ever read on the New World Order make land an real-estate the valuable commodity to be taken over at all costs [=grondhervormings / barbaarse plakkery;  grondbelastings, Zimbabwe;  Afrikaner-plaasboer-uitmoring …];  (c) Pauperisation – destroy every sector of society using the best methods possible to achieve this [= nuwe’ SA’kie-dialektiek]”.

[THE  ILLUMINATI],  were the designers [1784] of the two seals found on the reverse side of every U.S. one dollar bill, dated from 1933 onwards. The eye in the triangle was called by Weishaupt … The Insinuating Brethren. This simply meant that ultimately the Luciferian gnostic eye would represent the leaders of the One World Government [=NWO] who, under the control of their leader, Lucifer, would dominate every other group in society.

             1933 – A key date:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason had both these seals printed on the reverse side of the US$1 bill just as the U.S. was climbing out of the stock market crash of 1929.  The pyramid [VSA-$] has 13 layers of stone, representing the 13 initial [American] states, yet 13 is also an important number in witchcraft. This is the ‘eye of Horus’ in Egyptian mythology and in reality represents the eye of Lucifer or Satan. This triangle on the dollar is connected with the Cult of the Triangles – the Palladium [Vrymesselaarselite].

             Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American eagle. … the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalised phoenix. [The phoenix] is a mystical bird that rises from man’s first attempt to set up a similar system of One World Order, namely the Tower of Babel’. Here we see a bird with its head turned towards its right wing … with 3 Latin words written there for all to see – E Pluribus Unum’ – Out of many – One. The original aim was to unite the 13 original colonies into the [U.S.]. A would be Presidential hopeful, Jack Kemp, and now running mate with Bob Dole [] made a very interesting comment, … America’, he said, was not created to be one great power among many. It was created to be the novus ordo seclorum – a new order for the age. Our nation has come to a defining moment.

             Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for  A  PECULIAR  AND  PARTICULAR  PURPOSE  known only to the initiated few


put Lucifer (Satan / the devil) on the throne of the world and thus set up a secular, ungodly, heathenistic, [NWO].”

THE  Iron Mountain Committee were commissioned to solve ‘A problem facing the U.S. if War gave way to Peace by the year 2000. This peace would be under the full control of the United Nations. The U.S. would then link up with the United Nations. The report says  THE AGE OF NATIONS MUST END.  The age of humanity must begin” [=pp35;  pp39, 52, Okt 27+/02 -p51].

             “Note also, that [The Iron Mountain report] has been removed from the [Internet]. ‘Why?’ we ask. Has somebody received threats? A number of back ground planners have an agenda. George Bush referred to these planners in his Gulf War speech. There is no morality; there are no ethics in this plan. Humanity is looked upon as a herd of animals with no rights whatsoever.

             [The report] reveals the true functions of war: (*) War is the basic social system. The capacity to make war is the greatest social power it can exercise … It is a matter of life and death; (*) War is a necessary economic waste, and works outside the normal supply and demand system. It creates an artificial demand; (*) It acts as a counterbalance  TO  DESTROY  AND  THEN  REBUILD [= Hegel- + komm. dialektiek =p17[a]]; (*) War is the glue which holds a nation together [… A nation has to have a common goal and a common identity]; (*) The elimination of war brings us World Government [=NWO / Op13] …”

             … (*) Something else needed to be phased in to control the people and bring stability to the system; (*) Until the new threat is fully set up, wars will continue otherwise the world’s leaders lose power; (*) The new problem must be of credible quality Such a threat will have to be  INVENTED. It is called the environmental movement! [+ vigs, Moslem-ekstremisme, terrorisme, misdaad, barbarisme …].

[I]  WAS  also aware of President [George] Bush’s involvement with a secret fraternity called the Skull and Bones’, during his days at Yale University [- whose motto … is the same as that [] on the [] US$1 bill Novus Ordo Seclorum’ i.e. a secular, heathenistic, ungodly, [NWO]. The [Skull and Bones] manipulates politics, education, religion, and economy, towards one end i.e. a complete takeover of every person’s individual freedoms. Being of German origins, the philosophies of two great thinkers were strictly adhered to:  (a) Kant; (b) Hegel. Quoting from Antony Sutton’s book, we read – From this system of Hegelian philosophy comes the historical dialectic i.e. that all historical events emerge from a ‘conflict’ between opposing forces … [=p38E;  hegelisme -pp17-20].

             Mikhail Gorbachev made a speech at the united Nations [07/12/88], weeks after the election of George Bush to leadership of the free world. Today, the further world progress is only possible through a search for a universal human consensus as we move forward to a New World Order.

             From Yale University came one of the most powerful secret organizations now driving toward a New World Order. Anthony Sutton [wrote] America’s Secret Establishment – An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones. [The select] lie in a coffin; they drink blood from a human skull, surrounded by Nazi swastikas – the eternal sign of the Babylonian sun god; then they rise as reborn man-gods [hitleristiese Ubermensche]. I Will summarize the 280 page book in one sentence:

             ‘We’re going to use the Hegelian Dialectic process to bring about a society in which the state is in absolute [] control, a new world order where … the individual can only find freedom in


obedience to the state.”

Terloops;  kan ons amptelike politieke owerhede, meningsvormers, mis-vormers, trans-formers en histeri- … ag, historici, vir ons verduidelik hoekom hierdie eeue-oue simbole, agendas en motiewe in vandag se horri-Babelse wêreld, al meer konkrete gestalte begin aanneem!?


Babilon,  die  sataniese  hoer  van  die  laaste  tyd

VAN  die vroegste tye af is daar ’n vreemde, “geheime krag” wat die hele wêreld onder ’n bepaalde (antichristelike) leef- en denkwyse wil vereenig, of sintesifiseer (=Op17:17 =13;  NB:  *3SM, pp3,23,27,35).  Beskou die volgende navorsers se gegewens oor die gepaardgaande Neo-Bab(b)el-kwessie (pp2,5i-iii, 39) …  wat sy oorsprong in Gen. 11 het  —:

A)         “Die geskiedkundige drama van Babel het op die vlaktes van Sinar begin, waar die eerste wêrelddiktator die eerste godsdienstige sentrum op aarde gestig het. Dié maghebber se naam was Nimrod, wat beteken ons sal in opstand kom.’ Die toring sou hulle help om die sterre beter te kan waarneem. Dit was basies ‘n sterrewag.

             Groot Babilon, die moeder van die sedeloses en losbandigheid op aarde’, word verbind met ‘n oeroue stad wat mens laat dink aan sondigheid … verdorwe godsdienstigheid en leefwyse — Babel of Babilon!” (*WKK ).

B)         There’s  more to the story of the Tower of Babel than meets the eye; it’s a classic war story – the story of man’s attempt to engage God in a clash of authority. They wanted power in place of God, control of their own destinies.

             [God] stopped the Babylonians … but only temporarily. A final battle [Armageddon] was yet to come … The same  SPIRIT  that built Babel will again be the aggressor, because the spirit of Babel was not vanquished with the halting of the Tower project; it simply went under ground. Trust me – it will rise again … in fact,it is already amassing power for its final thrust against mankind” […veral teen d. geestelike Israel \ Afrikaners -p32+!].”

             [Babylon] was far more than merely a powerful military empire. It was the birthplace of modern economics. Charging interest on borrowed money originated in Babylon; prior to that, the practice was prohibited … In addition, the concept of manipulating supply and demand to control markets and thereby take advantage of the people also originated in Babylon.  A  thirst for knowledge. An appetite for power. An inquisitive nature.  An insatiable desire for supernatural intervention. The desire to control and dominate others [alias: Illum., Hitler -pp2,11,17, 23,35\6]. These are some of the characteristics of the creative, inventive, highly inquisitive Babylonians who wanted to be in charge and to know the future to such a great degree that they developed the occultic arts as we know them today. Mystery Babylon is both a place and a spiritual force on the earth.

             Babylon may no longer exist, but the spirit of Babylon continues on, operating in a very hidden way behind the scenes [NB: 2Tess 2:7+]. In subtle, hard to define ways, it is setting the stage for the final clash between God’s system and the world’s system … It is the spirit of the world’s system, marked by man at the helm [= 666/anti-Christus] versus God’s system, where only He is at the helm. It is the spirit of mammon – the love of money and things above the love of God or the search for wealth in the absence of God” (*N7E, toep./klem).


Die rillergie   van  Hitler  herleef  deur  die  onderwys

DIE  demoniese meganisme, of instrument van globalisme, was ook in “ons eie” genl. Jan Smuts se “holisme”-beginsel vervat, en het ook in die volgende insigwekkende strewe van die besete Adolf Hitler, weerklank gevind:  “Gee my net een geslag van die jeug, en ek dikteer die hele wêreld” (=NWO/Op.13).  En dan word daar op pp.11,23&36 gesien wat die Hitler-filosofie behels het waarmee hy dié globale eenword-ding … -gedrog tot stand wou bring.

             Die skokwekkende feit is dat hierdie sataniese ideologie en doelwit met die wêreld vandag neerslag vind in onder meer die onderwys- en godsdiensbeleid en in verskeie ander opsigte in die samelewing (-veral via d. media  ens).  Die astronomiese ironie is dat die jeug nou aan hierdie Hitler-ideologie oorgegéé word, by monde van  die “die volk” se eie wil/keuse/stem ‑  nl. die “heilige evangelie” van demonerasie.  Soos L Malan op p.25 opmerk:  ’n hele geslag word sodoende “aan Baäl geoffer”! (sien:  d. ding  is ’n bek  gegéé =Op 13:5+ =meerderheid-stem =demonekrasie =pp22+,26).

             Di’s asof die duiwel in lewende lywe  voor die mens verskyn …  Godsdiensonderrig en die beoefening van alle Christelike aktiwiteite in skole word flagrant gedwarsboom (terwyl d. Afrikaner in alle opsigte ondermyn en ondergrawe word), maar hierdie okkultiese grillers word in ons kinders se kele afgeprop!!!? (=bv. p21,25)  —:

deur  Sarel J. van der Merwe


TYDENS  die termyn van die vorige minister van onderwys (Bengu) was daar op ‘n redelik deursigtige en demokratiese manier gewerk in die aanstelling van die Ministeriële Komitee wat ‘n konsepbeleid vir Godsdiensonderrig in skole moes saamstel. Hoewel hierdie konsepbeleid tóé reeds oorgeleun het na multigeloofsonderrig, het dit darem nog in ‘n mate voorsiening gemaak vir enkelgeloofsonderrig.

             Die huidige min. van ondw., prof. Kader Asmal, het die bg. konsepbeleid summier geskraap, en in April 2000 het hy op ondeursigtige en ondemokratiese wyse ‘n werkgroep van 15 anonieme persone aangewys vir die skryf van ‘n nuwe beleid. Daar was wyd bespiegel dat Asmal se raadgewers, wie se name geheim gehou is, hoofsaaklik mense was wat multigeloof- en intergeloofspluralisme onderskryf. Mnr. Edcent Williams van die onderwys departement (OD) het mense egter probeer gerusstel: These individuals did not represent any particular organisation”,het Williams beweer, and reflected a wide range of…philosophical, religious…academic…and diverse worldviews.” Toe Van der Merwe uiteindelik in Mei 2003 die name van Asmal se beleidskrywers, ná 3 jaar se geheimhouding, van mnr. Williams se kantoor verkry het, het daar egter ‘n heel ander prentjie ontvou.

             Anders as in die geval van die vorige komitee, is al 16 lede van die Asmal-werkgroep, soos vermoed is, voorstanders van die multigeloofs-onderrig,en verbonde aan plaaslike- en internasionale intergeloofsorganisasies en –forums, en het in samewerking met talle ander intergeloofsgesindes, die infiltrasie van skole haarfyn beplan. Hierdie werkgroep van pro-intergeloof/pluralistiese beleidskrywers is nie in die minste verteenwoordigend van die godsdienstige- of rasse samestelling van S.A. nie! Hier is nie een waarlik Bybel-gelowige Christen in hierdie groep om die byna 70% mense wat die Christelike geloof bely, te verteenwoordig nie!

             Die twee mees prominente lede van die groep is professore Gerrie Lubbe met sterk bande met die intergeloofsbeweging en Kobus Krüger van die Departement Godsdienswetenskap aan Unisa. Afgesien van die godsdiensbeleid-werkgroep is hulle ook betrokke by die Staande Advieskomitee vir Godsdiens in die Onderwys en ander forums, wat veral multigeloofs-onderrig ten doel het.  In 1984 het Lubbe, saam met ‘n ander bekende christen pluralis”, aartsbiskop Desmond Tutu, die mees invloedryke intergeloofsorganisasie in ons land gestig, naamlik die S.A. tak van die Wêreldkonferensie vir Godsdiens en Vrede (WKGV-SA) waar die intergeloofsinfiltrasie van die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing, insluitende die onderwys, beplan word.

TYDENS  die 1992 WKGV konferensie was daar o.a. Moslem, Hindoe en shamanistiese gebede gedoen waaraan die afgevaardigdes van verskillende gelowe, insluitende Christene, uitgenooi was om deel te neem. Ene Maartin Turksta, ‘n sinkretis en lid van die WKGV, het versoek dat die gehoor ‘n sg. mantra” saam met hom opsê waarna hy die geeste van afgestorwe mense, diere en insekte uitgenooi het om die byeenkoms te seën”!  Op die Intergeloofs TV-program, Credo” het Turksta by geleentheid voorgestel dat ons, met die stigting van een nuwe nasie in SA, nie alleenlik maar rasse-apartheid moet afskaf nie, maar ook godsdienstige skeidsmure moet verwyder om sodoende “een nuwe godsdiens” te stig! [= d. éintlike doel voor oë” wat d. apartheidstruggle” nastreef  …!].

             Die 1999 “Parlement van Wêreldgodsdienste” wat in Kaapstad plaasgevind het, was die grootste intergeloofs-byeenkoms wat nog in S.A. gehou was. Die WKGV-SA was natuurlik mede-organiseerders. Hier het mense van verskillende gelowe aan mekaar se rituele, gebede en meditasies deelgeneem in ‘n proses van wedersydse geestelike verryking“. Deur hierdie aktiwiteite moes onderskeie godsdienste hulle “mistieke eenheid” ontdek. Meer as een spreker het beweer dat hulle gelyktydig aan alle gelowe behoort terwyl ander die dringende behoefte aan ‘n “globale spiritualiteit” en een “universele godsdiens” uitgespel het!

             In hulle konsep-godsdiensbeleid ontken min. Asmal en sy pluralistiese raadgewers dat hulle “godsdienstige sinkretisme” of enige spesifieke godsdienstige standpunt” wil bevorder of ‘n “nuwe vereenigde godsdiens” daar wil stel.  Maar wat is die feite van die saak? Wat gebeur in die praktyk?  In par. 61 van die jongste konsep-godsdiensbeleid word voorgestel dat daar tydens saalopeninge geselekteerde uittreksels uit die geskrifte van verskillende godsdienste voorgelees moet word en dat kinders van verskillende gelowe gesamentik moet deelneem aan ‘n sg. “universele gebed” – presies net soos by intergeloofs-byeenkomste!! In die hersiene kurrikulum en talle van die nuwe handboekeword daar alreeds lankal van kinders verwag om deur die waardes” van ander gelowe verryk te word en om deel te neem aan hulle rituele, gebede en meditasies.

             Die “United Religions Initiative” (URI). Hierdie organisasie is gestig deur Juliet Hollister,die stigter van die Temple of Understanding” tesame metBiskop William Swingen dr. Robert Mueller.Muellerwas voorheen Assistent Sekretaris-Generaal van die VN en kanseliervan die VN se University of Peace”.Die visie van ‘n vereenigde godsdiensorganisasie” wat, terwille van wêreldvrede, die godsdienste van die wêreld kan verenig, – soos wat die VN, om dieselfde rede die nasies van die wêreld wil verenig, – het by Mueller ontstaan. Hierdie droom het hy reeds in 1982 begin uitspel in sy boek New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality”.Sy gedagte was om ‘n gesaghebbende internasionale intergeloofs-liggaam daar te stel.  Hierdie liggaam moes vrede tussen verskillende godsdienste bewerk en met ‘n “vereenigde stem” praat oor universele waardes en ‘n “globale etiek”.  Die URI beoog om nie later nie as die jaar 2005 hulle visie van ‘n globale intergeloofsbeheerliggaam te verwesentlik.

IN  ooreenstemming met die tipiese pluralistiese intergeloofsgees wat tans oor die wêreld spoel, het Asmal in Nov. 2001 die Christene wat nie met sy multigeloofsonderwyssisteem wou saamgaan nie, gestigmatiseer as fundamentaliste” wat teen verdraagsaamheid en respek” vir ander gelowe gekant is in die oortuiging dat hulle alleen die bewaarders van ‘die waarheid’ is” [=p21\2]. Ironies genoeg het die minister vervolgens die diepste geloofsoortuiging van Christene nl. dat Jesus Christus alleen die Weg en die Waarheid” is, op ‘n onverdraagsame en disrespekvolle manier afgemaak as ‘n “historiese anachronisme” oftewel ‘n uitgediende wêreldbeeld wat nie inpas in die huidige tydvak nie! Onderwysers, het Asmal verder gesê, doen ‘n kind ‘n onguns aan” deur voor te gee dat so ‘n wêreldbeeld nog geldig is. Hierdie stelling van Asmal herinner in die eerste plek sterk aan ‘n stelling wat deur ‘n New Age-teosoof gemaak was tydens die 1999 Parlement van Wêreldgodsdienste:  “We do not have to give up our beliefs, except the one that make us believe that we alone posess the truth.” Tweede het Asmal se uitlating herinner aan ‘n veelseggende stelling wat Mueller gemaak het: “Peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a United Religions that professes faithfulness only to the Global Spirituality…”

             Soos wat Mueller hierbo dreig om sg. fundamentaliste” deur sy globale United Religions organisasie te tem, so het Asmal by die bg. geleentheid gedreig om sg. regse Christen-fundamentaliste” d.m.v. die Grondwet te aan bande te lê.

             Muelleris ‘n volbloed New Age-globaliswat hom beywer vir ‘n Een-Wêreldregering en ‘n Een-Wêreldgodsdiens [=NWO/Op13].Hy is ‘n navolger van die leerstellings van Teilhard de Chardin en Alice Bailey – die mede-stigter van die Teosofiese Vereniging wat een van die wortel-organisasies is van die hedendaadse New Age-beweging. Mueller is egter ook die vader van sg. Global Education”en skrywer van die “World Core Curriculum” wat in die Robert Mueller Skoleen talle ander skole gebruik word – in Amerika en regoor die wêreld. In die World Core Curriculum”-handleiding lees ons hierdie woorde: “The underlying philosophy on which the Robert Mueller School is based will be found in the teaching set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul….”  (Khul” is natuurlik Bailey se sg. SpiritMaster” wat haar as ‘n medium gebruik het om sy leerstelling van duiwels” m.b.t. die New Age-christus”, die Nuwe Wêreldgodsdiens, Nuwe Wêreldorde en New Age Onderwys ens. in boekvorm neer te skryf.)

OP  dié punt sou enige redelike mens tereg kon vra: Wat het Mueller se World Core Curriculum” en Alice Bailey se Spirit Master” nou met min. Kader Asmal en die huidige transformasie-proses in die onderwys te doen? In die eerste plek is Muellerse anti-Christelike, New Age-, intergeloofs-, pluralistiese- en globalistiese agenda dalk nie so ver verwyder van die agenda van die VN as wat baie mense mag dink nie. In die tweede plek is min. Asmal en sy raadgewers se agenda dalk heelwat nader aan die agenda van die VN as wat meeste mense besef.

             In Openbaring [17,18] lees ons van ‘n eindtydse wederoprigting van Babilon”, van ‘n anti-Christelike Wêreldgodsdiens waarvoor mense gedwing sal word om te buig (Op.13:15) – net soos in die tyd van Daniel (Dan3;  pp31,41).

             Tydens die Verenigde Nasies se Wêreldberaad oor Volhoubare Ontwikkeling wat in Aug/Sept. 2002 in SA gehou was, het Van der Merwe onderhoude gevoer met leiers van talle intergeloofs-, New Age en ander groepe wat as sg. NGO’s (nie regerings-organisasies) saam met die VN opereer. Dit was ontstellend om te sien tot watter mate die VN reeds geïnfiltreer is deur ‘n anti-Christelike Spiritualiteit. Onder die vaandel van die VN en in die naam van wêreldvrede en godsdienstige harmonie of onder die dekmantel van allerhande sg. nuwe waardes”, infiltreer hierdie organisasies die verskillende samelewings-terreine – insluitende die onderwys. Intergeloofs- en New Age waardes” was verkondig agter die rookskerm van Spiritual Values, Earth Values, Human Values, Universal Values, Global Values en Cosmic Values” en natuurlik, Sustainable Development”. Daar was net soos by die Parlement van Wêreldgodsdienste heelwat gepraat oor Wêreldeenheid, Een Wêreldregering en Globale Spiritualiteit. Dit was nie duidelik of hierdie sg. NGO’s” die VN gebruik vir hulle agenda, en of die VN hulle gebruik vir sy agenda nie. Asmal was ook daar as een van die sprekers van Unesco, die opvoedkundige, wetenskaplike en kulturele arm van die VN. Asmal het gesê dat waardes en gesindhede” wêreldwyd in die onderwys geïmplimenteer moet word en dat die diskoers oor die onderwys in ‘n nuwe paradigma” moet inbeweeg [… in d. parra-kokende geborrel, ge-Bab(b)el, toi-toi … =p20/1)].


“Die  politiek  van  fiksie”  (media–breinspoeling)

DIE  mens word in ’n breë sin “geprogrammeer” of gebreinspoel deur verskeie subtiele prosesse soos veral die media en “amptelike” literatuur (wat in d. mag v. Mammon/bose lê;  =ook flouried-kwessie, p44A;  Basson -p29  ens) …  vir een doel voor oë (Op 17:17) ‑  sodat die hele wêreld agter die ding moet aanhel (Op 13:4) …  na die Op. 13-satanika! Beskou die volgende gegewens oor hierdie kwessie (= ook Voorw):

A)         “NEW  AGE  theorists believe that [The Plan =NWO/Op 13] can succeed only if they reach the public with enough propaganda. HG Wells, whose book The Open Conspiracy is much admired by today’s New Age elite, stated, The open conspiracy must begin as a movement of explanation and propaganda.’

             Alice Bailey, head of the Lucis [Lucifer ] Trust, has told her followers, … the forerunner of all movements which appear upon the physical plane is an educational propaganda‘” [– albei New Age-gurus;  uit *PPH, Hunt].

B)         “Alexander Hamilton said:  It is admitted that you cannot have a good executive upon a democratic plan … the people, sir, are a great beast‘. The dictatorship of the new world order [NWO] would be much worse than Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, because the technology to control people is much more advanced today”.

             People are uneducated as to what is happening to our society partly because of a corporate-controlled press. In many respects we are already living in a [sophisticated] dictatorship. We are all blinded by propaganda[=Op13:3-6].  Harold Lasswell said [elites must] turn to a whole new technique of control, largely through propaganda. We must acknowledge the ignorance and stupidity [of] … the masses …”‘ (*TNW).

C)         “Only the future will tell how much harm [TV] has done [to young people]. [TV] brings about a weakening of the human will, a disintegration of the mental powers of resistance, [a uniformity of thought … and obscure our powers of judgement. / Let us remember the words of Goethe, The people never notice the devil, even when he has them by the throat'” (*OABC ).

D)         “Daar is verskeie maniere waarop ‘n mens kan bespiegel oor hoe die wêreld ná 11 September 2001 verander het. Een daarvan is om die gebeure sedertdien te verstaan as die opkoms van die politiek van fiksie wat grotendeels deur die fantastiese moontlikhede van die moderne kommunikasietegnologie in die hand gewerk is. Terwyl [die mediabedryf] deesdae optimaal tegnologies toegerus is om die waarheid[?] te versprei, word hy self al hoe meer deur fiksieskandale getref.

             Die media wêreldwyd beleef ‘n groeiende vertrouenskrisis. Mediaverbruikers is al hoe meer bewus van die mate waarin die bedryf deur sy eienaars misbruik word om bepaalde fiksie in die naam van die waarheid te versin. In die proses word werklike gebeure telkens vertolk om in te pas by die een of ander politieke fiksie. / Daar is geen beter voorbeeld van dié verskynsel nie as die huidige fiksie van die oorlog teen terrorisme’. / Sedert 9/11 het die VSA tamaai kommunikasiebronne ontplooi om die oorlog teen terrorisme’ as waarheid aan die res van die planeet voor te hou.

             Om die fiksie van die oorlog teen terrorisme’ werkliker te maak, beleef ons die merkwaardige verskynsel waarvolgens 11 September 2001 nooit ophou gebeur nie. Deur [die media] word die globale dramagehoor … vasgepen voor die ontvouing van ‘n oomblik wat nooit ophou nie” (Beeld, 11/9/02;  toep./klem);

E)         Een van Satan se suksesvolste” trawante het verklaar:  Die breë massas van ‘n nasie sal eerder die groot leuen, as die kleintjie, ten prooi val” (Hitler; Mein Kampf , 1925;).  Dié verklaring hou verband met Heraklitus se waarneming:  Omdat dit soms so bisar  kan wees, ontglip die  WAARHEID  die mens”.  Bisar” ‑  buitengewoon/ongelooflik, soos die onthullings dat die bg. WTC-terreur deur ‘n geheime krag” in Washington self georkestreer is (= ;  pp2, 17, 49+).  Die propaganda-strategie van kommunisme bepaal o.m.:  As die leuen lank, en oortuigend genoeg verkondig word, word dit’n waarheid.

Bogaande gee Shakespear se, “All the world’s a stage …” (As You Like It) eintlik ’n skrikwekkende perspektief.  Dié Beeld-artikel (D) is dus ’n uiters omstrede onthuling aan die wêreld dat die media, deur sy eienaars misbruik word om die mens “gruwelik te mislei” (2Tess2:9).  Dit beklemtoon dat mens die “amptelike” literatuur en media nié op sigswaarde kan trakteer nie, maar toegerus moet wees om tussen die lyne  te kan lees (=Joh16:13).  Dit toon hoe die mens met verdraaide, halwe, gekookte en gekontroleerde inligting gekondisioneer, gebreinspoel … ge(-her-)programmeer word ‑ en soos L Malan oor die onderwys sê:  … om die gedagte van die reënboognasie te bevorder, landsburgers te kweek wat die regering pas en sodoende beter in die nuwe wêreldorde sal inpas …  om die wêreld vir ’n intieme alliansie …  ’n enkele wêreldgodsdiens voor te berei [=Neo-Bab(b)el =Op17,18 & 13].  Ons [] word gereed gemaak om die NWO/Antichris met ope arms te ontvang ! (p25).


Jy  word  dalk  as  proefkonyn  ge(mis)bruik !?

SEKERE  sinistêre navorsings, tegnologiese wonders en eksperimente, soos in talle bronne onthul word, word dan ook verbind met ’n onaardse kennisbron, ofte wel, met …:  “engele wat hulle nie binne hulle eie magsgebied gehou het nie, maar hulle aangewese woonplek verlaat het” (Judas :6,7;  pp13\4, 39, 52/3)!  Hierdie “bisarre” kwesie, wat die ganse mensdom se veiligheid op die spel plaas, moet geëvalueer word teen die agtergrond van die volgende gegewe:  “These researches ranged from strictly scientific activities to the practice of occultism, and [] vivisection practised on prisoners” (p11);  die “Report from Iron Moutain” (p40);  asook in die lig van die volgende rillers:

A)         Harry Oppenheimer het ‘n alluminiumsmeltery in 1960 begin. Een van die groot probleme was wat om te maak met die giftige afvalproduk, sodiumflouried. Die Amerikaners het met die oplossing gekom dat dit in die publieke drinkwater gegooi moes word. / Herhaaldelike dosisse van Flouried sal [] die indiwidu se vrye wil om oorheersing te weerstaan, verminder deur stadigaan ‘n sekere deel van die brein te vergiftig en te verdoof en sal hom dus sodoende gedwee en onderdanig maak aan die wil van hulle wat hom wil beheer  (–  –  parf;  sien Basson/ peptiede -p29).

B)         The most outstanding problem with any HIV test is that HIV has never been proved to be the cause of AIDS”, Christine Maggiore —  *What if everything you thought you knew about Aids was wrong? (= ;  =ook p26[c]).


[Its been executed in many ways – and in ‘all ways possible’

The (most) probable fact is that if the human race don’t extinct themselves by nuclear /bio-chemical wars – then things like immorality /neo-barbarism , bastardizition, diseases … – and surely “Nibiru” will ..!! –

  • some quotes from …>

‘Treason:  The New World Order’ —                 Gurudas   /                            Cassandra Press; 1996 : ]

Covert Action and other sources report that AIDS is really germ warfare.

          “Various investigators, like Dr. John Coleman, report the Club of Rome developed a plan Global 2000 to kill several billion people by 2050. The mass killings in Cambodia and Africa are early stages of this operation. In Rwanda, the UN helped the armed militias, which had killed almost a million people. The horrible truth is that there are individuals behind the [NWO] who plan to exterminate vast numbers of people, so the elite will have a world that meets with their approval.

          By 1962, 40 scientists were working just on genetics at the US Army biological warfare laboratories. In 1969 Congress heard testimony about the advantages of this research. Within the next 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent … that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. It would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms.

          “Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. Within a few years, the AIDS epidemic began. There is much literature available, such as the works by Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D. and Robert Strecker, M.D. stating that this germ was deliberately created, probably at Fort Detreck”.

          Recently, a federal judge illegally banned the distribution of a book, *Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS, by Bryan Ellison and Peter Duesberg, and then he ordered its destruction. The establishment doesn’t want the people to learn the truth about AIDS. As in Nazi Germany, book burning will become increasingly common in the new world order [NWO]. Judicial tyranny is a growth industry …

          The government has the ability to kill people by using drugs to cause cancer, heart attacks, or strokes that make it appear natural. Documents released by the FOIA show that, by 1954, the CIA had perfected the means to give people cancer. An article in the April 2, 1979 Miami Herald discussed the CIA’s use of diseases to kill people. The CIA probably experimented on terminally ill cancer patients under the guise of legitimate medical research to perfect this technology, although healthy victims were probably also used.

          In 1994 a scientist interviewed on TV defended using humans in radiation experiments because it benefited science. Hitler would have been proud of this scientist. For every revelation we read about, how many secrets are being kept? The Human Radiation Experiment Committee’s final report on 10/01/95 only recommended compensating people in a few experiments, found little fault with those conducting these experiments, and did not even recommend attempting to contact and notify the victims.

       “Under the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, it is illegal to make, experiment with, distribute, or sell germs for warfare. Peter Kawaja believes that James Baker III, George Bush, and John Deutch (head of the CIA) have business ties to US firms that provided CBW [chemical & biological warfare] agents to Iraq. Kawaja filed a lawsuit in federal court against various federal agents for obstruction of justice, misleading a federal grand jury, threatening a witness, and other charges. Part of the government defence was that it has an ongoing investigation and it has immunity. On October 19, 1995 the suit was dismissed, so perhaps the Feds do have the right to commit crimes that kill thousands of Americans.

       “Since large US corporations supported the enemy during World War II, it should not surprise the objective observer that similar activities continue today. The Justice Department, under Bush and Clinton has refused to bring charges against these corporations.

          On 01/18/95 it was reported that some people injected with radioactive material, including plutonium, were not even terminally ill. They were doing experiments of unknown risk on people who potentially had a full, long life ahead of them. On 08/19/95 the Energy Department said 16,000 people were in these radiation experiments … but CIA and military records are not available for review.

          The Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) is associated with Iraqi chemical & biological warfare (CBW) and vaccines given to US troops. Time magazine said, in late May, 1994, evidence was presented before a Senate committee showing that the US government approved the sale to Iraq of CBW agents that may have caused GWS. *Spider’s Web, by Alan Friedman, describes this secret US Assistance to Iraq.

          Recently released documents suggest that troops were exposed to CBW agents and there is a cover-up. Eleven pages released in late January, 1995 by the Pentagon through the FOIA show that various CBW attacks on our troops were identified during the war and bombed-out Iraqi chemical facilities were located. Marianne Gasior, a Pittsburgh lawyer, has gathered extensive evidence about US corporations providing CBW agents to Iraq before the war, and she has received death threats.

          The Baltimore Sun [] reported that South Africa’s Truth Commission had seen evidence that in 1985 a CIA agent, Millard Shirley, came to South Africa to work for Telcom. He brought highly classified Pentagon manuals on psychological warfare.’ This included a recipe for prussic acids which when inhaled caused a massive coronary leaving few traces.”

Ens., ens., ens. …

Talle peste, elendes en krisisse wat ontstaan, of eerder gefabriseer word, dien as ’n “Titanic”-effek (pp8,19,20), of ’n “gemeenskaplike bedreiging” om verskille, en veral die Christen-“ideologie”, te elimineer en die mens saam te snoer (sintesefiseer) onder ’n heidense “juk/krag”, etiek en “waarde”-stelsel.  Só word alle kwessies aan ’n sekulêre of wêreldse perspektief onderwerp, want die oordonderende bek  van demonekrasie beveel dit só!  Ja;  “Hy het God se Naam … belaster.  Aan hom is daar ook mag gegéé (=demonekrasie) om teen die gelowiges oorlog te maak en hulle te oorwin” (Op13:5,6).!


NET  die  FEIT  DAT  sekere inligting verborge gehou word, MOET  enige normale mens as ’t ware die wapen laat opneem het.  Want wie, en vir watter “doel voor oë”, word bepaal dat die mens slegs aan sekere “amptelike” geskiedenis/ inligting bloot gestel mag word?  Dit kan niemand anders as die “geheime krag”, sy 2iC (Mammon) en sy breinspoelende mediaspreekbuis wees nie!  Waarom laat die ganse (sg.) “regdenkende” massas hierdie onheile toe!?

             As kinders die polisie ’n “poets bak” met ’n vals bomdreigement, word dit blitsvinnig deur die gereg aangespreek, meestal mét mediadekking.  Maar as duisende kenners wêreldwyd maan oor skrikwekkende gevare wat die mensdom bedreig, dan is daar géén kommentaar, aksie, ondersoek, optrede …  hoegenaamd nie!?

             Die naasgaande gegewens word op verskeie wyses, ook in die alledaagse, bevestig, asook deur die volgende voorval met ’n hoogs betroubare “kontak”, FJ:  FJ het ’n hoogs geleerde en gerespekteerde vriend (VX) wat toevallig kontrakwerk vir NASA en die CIA doen.  VX het FJ ’n geruime tyd gelede al van die naasgaande “Nibiru”-kwessie vertel.  Toe FJ met ’n latere ontmoeting VX weer pols oor dié kwessie, het laasgenoemde FJ   “…  na ’n groot oop veld geneem en my (FJ) uiters dringendheid vermaan om hom asseblief nooit weer hoegenaamd hieroor te konfronteer nie, want die CIA het hom en sy gesin met die dood gedreig as hy met enigiemand weer enigsins oor Nibiru  sou praat”!? …:

*N i b u r u

Annelize Snyman ( ; 2002  ‑  parf./toep./klem ;  NB:  ook )

1.          NIBIRU  is [wéér!] op pad, en presies wat sy invloed op die aarde sal wees, was tot onlangs nog grootliks onseker.  Kenners kon egter gaandeweg ’n heel getroue prentjie hieroor begin vorm op grond van navorsings en antieke geskrifte (& mites”) wat al meer heenwys na vorige Nibiru-besoeke …  asook met die alombekende sondvloed” van Genesis 6!

             In 1982 het NASA reeds die bestaan van Planeet X” (Nibiru) aangekondig:  ’n Voorwerp is werklik daar anderkant die buitenste planete.”  Die New York Times  het in dié verband op 19 Junie 1982 berig dat ongegruimdhede in die bane van Urnaus en Neptunus dui op ’n massiewe hemelliggaam buite ons sonnestelsel, wat toe tot Planeet X” (PX) gedoop is.  ’n Projek soos die Hubble-ruimteteleskoop het stellig sy ontstaan primêr te danke aan dié PX-scenario, ten einde sy aard en gedrag van nader te beskou.

             PX is ’n dwergster”, of ’n son wat misluk het in sy vorming.  Hulle is té massief vir ’n planeet, maar te klein vir ’n son.  PX dra sewe mane/planete om hom saam, en het ’n stert soos ’n komeet wat massiewe hoeveelhede rommel bevat.  In 1988 het dr. Robert Harrington (US Naval Laboratory) bereken dat PX 25 keer die gewig van die aarde het, sy digtheid sowat 100 keer groter en 11 keer groter as die aarde is.  PX word deur nóg ’n omstredenheid omhul.  Die gewone mens weet nie (waarom nie!?) dat ons son ’n dooie tweeling” het nie — in die rigting van Orion.  PX is op ’n baan van ongeveer 3600 jaar wat om die son en dié dooie tweeling roteer.

             In die oergeskrifte van van die Sumeriërs word van die god” in die hemel gepraat (PX), terwyl die Babiloniërs en Mesopatamiërs dit Marduk” genoem het [– ook bekend as Wormwood” = Op8:11,12;  d. “Vuur Rooi Draak” e.a.].

             Daar is oral op aarde getuienis en argeologiese bevindings dat daar hoogs gevorderde beskawings in die verre verlede was wat eensklaps in ontsettende rampe uitgewis was.  Navorsings oor o.m. die Egiptiese piramides het dít bo alle twyfel bevestig.  Pluto is in 1930 ontdek”, maar die Sumeriërs het dit al in hulle geskrifte opgeteken [sien:  “OU tyd” – Gen6:4; “VOORTYD” -Ps78:2;  *Fingerprints of the Gods].

2.          PX het sedert die middel 90s ’n beduidende invloed op die aarde begin uitoefen.  Orkane, aardskuddings, vulkaanaktiwiteit en drastiese klimaatstoestande verwant aan die sg. El Nino”-verskynsel, asook son-aktiwiteit sal drastiese afmetings aanneem na mate PX nader beweeg [– toestande / verwikkelinge wat deur d. owerhede verswyg & ontken word & as normaal” & as El Nino” afgemaak word!].

             In die eerste 6 maande van 2002 was daar drie keer meer oorstromings en aardbewings in Europa as vorige jare en in sommige gevalle was dit die ergste in 200 jaar.  Van dié skuddings was nog nooit gemeet op die Richter-skaal nie.  Britse wetenskaplikes het vasgestel dat die eerste drie maande van 2002 vergelykenderwys die warmste was in 1,000 jaar.  In April 2002 het die eerste ysbanke by die noordpool [asook by Antarktika] losgebreek.  Seestrome wêreldwyd is besig om te verander.

             Soos wat die rek, skeur en saampers van die aardplate toeneem (weens d. invloed v. PX), sal dit duidelik blyk dat die Karibiese See-gebied asook die Andreas-fout in Amerika die swak skakels is.  Daar is onlangs swart water” in die Golf van Mexiko gevind.  Dié gebied is altyd helder en gewild by duikers.  Wanneer ’n breuk uitmekaar trek, word grond wat tussen die lae vasgekeer is, vrygelaat wat die water swart laat vertoon.  Daar word verwag dat Noord-Amerika uitmekaar sal skeur waarin tot die helfte van dié moondheid in die proses kan verdwyn [– vgl. skudding in Indië, 1999 ‑  17,000 sterftes!;  Iran, Jan 03 = 30,000 mense dood …!].

3.          DIE  korsmagma van die Atlantiese oseaanskeur is gekonsentreerd en het ’n hoë ysterinhoud.  Die ontsaglike aankomende planeet sal hierdie kors magneties vasgryp weens dié hoë metaalinhoud en die aarde tot stilstand wil dwing, maar die vloeibare kern sal nog voorstu in sy momentum.  Dit sal ’n trekkrag na die ooste veroorsaak wat die Atlantiese skeur sal vergroot.  Hiervolgens, redeneer sommige wetenskaplikes, kan dit ’n poolwisseling veroorsaak, of dat die aarde selfs uit sy baan gedwing kan word –

             [‑  ’n scenario wat onmiskenbaar herriner aan Jesaja 13:13(!):  Ek sal mense skaarser maak as suiwer goud …  Ek sal die hemel skud, die aarde sal  UIT  SY  PLEK  GERUK  word!” (OV)!  Hallo …!].

             PX se gravitasie-invloed en elektromagnetisme, en veral gepaard met ’n poolverskuiwing, sal ontsaglike watermassas in beweging bring, wat die grootste gevaar vir die mens inhou, veral aan die kusgebiede.  Voorts kan PX se gety-vlak tot 160 keer groter as dié van die maan wees —  wat slegs ‘n 1,8m-wisseling bevat.  Saam met plaatverskuiwings sal sommige lande onder die see verdwyn.  Europa in die besonder.  Die weste van Brittanje en Ierland loop ook groot gevaar om verswelg te word.  Japan sal ook weg wees, asook die Sjinese vlaktes en die weste van Australië.  In die Karoo en op ander vlaktes in die wêreld is daar skulpe, visgrate ens. ontdek –

             [Sodoende verkry Skrif soos Luk. 21:24+ (OV) al meer konkrete gestalte:  …  en op aarde sal daar benoudheid van nasies in hulle radeloosheid wees wanneer  SEE  EN BRANDERS  DREUN, en mense se harte sal beswyk van vrees en beklemming van die dinge wat oor die wêreld kom !].

4.          PX was waarskynlik die oorsaak dat Pangaea, die aarde se vroeë landmassa, in die verskeie kontinente opgebreek, en dat Atlantis” verdwyn  het [nee =na Antarktika gekantel  het, NB:  p5;  = ook  *Fingerprints –].

             Die rommel in PX se stert hou ook enorme gevare in m.b.t. direkte impak, die ontstaan van brande en besoedeling.  Dié stert kan weens die aarde se aantrekkingskrag en deur die sonwind” oor die aarde gevee word.  Die kombinasie van atmosferiese gasse, die vorming van petrokarbonate deur volgehoue weerlig weens die elektromagnetiese wisselwerking en statiese elektrisiteit tussen PX en die aarde, kan geweldige vuurstroms ontketen.  Daar kan ook giftige en vlambare gasse uit die aarkors en uit nywerhede ontsnap.  Die aarde kan letterlik aan die brand slaan en al sy verdedigingstelsels vernietig word.  Die punt van die stert bevat gasse en ysterstof wat water bitter en bloedrooi maak (=Op 16:4), asook growwer materiaal wat soos enorme haelstene neerreën.

             Suider-Afrika kan dalk veel beter daaraan toe wees.  Die noordelike halfrond het met die vorige PX-besoek die ligste daarvan afgekom.  Die hitte van die vulkane het die minerale hier by ons in die grond gesmelt en dit het in die krake ingeloop.  Geoloë kon nooit verklaar waarom die goud net in SA in are” lê nie.  In die proses waarin die uitbarsting die lawarots gevorm het, is SA dus letterlik op die onderste aardkors vasgesweis” –

             [waarom het oliebronne net in Suider-Afrika versteen =steenkool!?  En waarom d. toename in toerisme;  ook elite persoonlikhede & berade, sport … ens;  =Eertydse Ystervrou dalk gou ’n Kapenaar”;  SA gaan van grootste toerismegroei toon”, Beeld03;  ens …].

5.          SODRA  PX met amateurtoerusting waargeneem kan word, sal niemand dit meer kan wegredeneer nie.  Bedrieglike verklarings uit owerheidweë en die media [&kerk] sal nie meer stand hou nie omdat dit nie sal strook met die toenemende krisisse en chaos wat PX sal meebring nie.  Om beheer te verkry oor die inligting rakende PX, het NASA [&d. CIA] al die sterrewagte wêreldwyd begin opkoop [-soos dié 1 by Sutherland, gepaard met sy enorme opgradering waaroor so gespog word i.d. media, maar nié oor d. werklike rede daarvoor nie!].

             Die ontkenning en verbanning van dié feite is te verstane.  As die mens amptelik ingelig sou word, sou dit grenslose paniek, chaos en anargie veroorsaak het.  Baie [verstandiges -Matt 25] besef egter iets is aan ’t gebeur en begin vrae vra oor die onverklaarbare toestande wat deur die owerhede El Nino” en ander kaf genoem word.  Dis belangrik dat mense onafhanklik van hulle owerhede [-&d. kerk] moet begin dink en optree.  In lande waar die bevolkings nie gered sal kan word nie, soos Indië, Indonesië en in fascistiese Moslem en kommunistiese lande, sal die nuus waarskynlik totaal onderdruk word.

             Deur die feite oor PX te verban, wil die elite hulself red deur elders op aarde te gaan skuil en verhoed dat die massas ook daarheen sal stroom [– dis oorbekend dat daar ooral ter wêreld, veral VSA, enorme ondergrondse komplekse bestaan …!  Dis ook in dié lig dat daar gedokumenteerde bewyse bestaan v. ’n geheime krag” wat beoog om massas mense te elimineer deur gefabriseerde oorloë, geweldsmisdade, vigs & ander peste …  om die komende voedseltekort en hongersnood d. hoof te kan bied  ens.  =*TNW,  pp18, 26, 44C, ook p53  ens].

             Die Nibiru-sage behels ook die volgende faktor, wat dié hele scenario boonop ondenkbaar kan vererger ‑:  talle aktuele verwikkelinge toon dat die groot moondhede se owerhede/elite wel weet wat aan die kom  is en in hul gulsigheid en selfsugtige begeertes om munt te slaan uit dié gevaarte [& met die oog op ’n post-nibiruaanse wêrldheerskappy], kan dit bes moontlik ook nog met ’n 3e wêreldoorlog gepaardgaan …  ’n verwoestende kernoorlog …  soos wat talle navorsers dit dan ook uitspel! [=pp18, 20c.1  ens].

             Daar is dikwels uit verskeie oorde oor Amerika se oprtrede rondom Sep.11” en die Irak-oorlog (03) verwys as onlogies, absurd” en buite beheer” —  wat egter veel sin maak, sóú Amerika van hierdie aankomende gevaarte  weet, en om dan vir homself olie- en hulpbronne/voorraad te verseker  dáárom die stage” van Sep.11” en die onbeheersde/onlogiese optrede wat daarop volg [NB: sien  WTC terugwerkend – Voorw, pp2,17,18, 29  ens].


DIE  naasgaande gegewens mag dalk tot  “onsensitiwiteit” gevonnis word (=p24), maar dit bied ’n klassieke illustrasie van hoe gruwelik misleidend, verraderlik asook skokwekkend openlik gewelddadig en wreedaardig die “geheime krag”/2Tess 2:7+, te werk gaan in die volvoering van sy “doel voor oë” / Op 17:17 (=13).  Dit sal onteenseglik toon  DAT die veelbesproke “jou saad / geheime krag” se wortels ook diep in die “kerk” veranker is …  (parf;  toep./klem):

A)  Van die Nuwe Testament tot ons Bybel  (M Gunter)

KONSTANTYN  wat onder die faam van godsdiens steeds sy songod-aanbidding bedryf het, was eintlik die stigter van die uiterlike Roomse Kerk. Hy aanvaar die Ariaanse of filosofiese, en die Origenes-manuskripte


, wat voldoen aan die vereistes van sy tyd. Hy het Jesus se Godheid slegs aanvaar omdat hy die guns van die Christene wou wen. Konstantyn het die Christendom in die diepste ellende gedompel toe hy Eusebius 50 kopieë van vals mss laat maak het, en het die ware Kerk hom verwerp (sien: Is die 83 vert. die Bybel? p3, M Gunter).

             Die aanvaarding van die besoedelde Eusebius/Origenes-teks [O/E] het nie hier geëindig nie. Die Alexandrynse mss het die aanvaarde teks van die Roomse Kerk geword. Konstantyn wou die Christelike Godsdiens met heidense Rome vermeng en kies dus die [O/E]-teks wat volkome aan sy vereistes voldoen het.  Die groot verskil tussen die Textus Receptus (TR) en die Alexandrynse [/Vulgate-]geskrifte, is dat die TR van God gekom het en dat die humanistiese, filosofiese en valse Alexandrynse geskrifte van die mens is.

             Die Alexandrynse geskrifte is die oudste maar nie die beste nie. Die vyand van God, die god van die wêreld’, het dit sy taak gemaak om die TR-mss, wat die 53-vertaling se grondteks is, deur die eeue te verdraai. Almal stem saam dat die oudste mss grootliks van mekaar verskil en in kategorieë geplaas kan word. Die Nuwe Afrikaanse Bybel [NAB/NV –83], wat die Alef en A en B mss as grondteks het, is liberaal, semi-Ariaans en soms heeltemal verdraai. Enige ware kind van God behoort geskok te wees as hulle sien hoeveel die sogenaamde betroubare’ of oudste’ mss wat die basis of hoeksteen van die NAB is, van die TR verskil.

             Daar is hoofsaaklik twee groepe mss nl: die Alef, A, en B mss wat onderskeidelik beïnvloed is deur deur die filosofiese opvattings van Alexandrië, en die Textus Receptus’ of algemeen aanvaarde teks’ wat die ware Woord van God is ‑ afkomstig uit Antiochië en later Konstantinopel. Die NAB is dus gebaseer op die valse stroom mss van die vroeë Kerkeeue wat hoofsaaklik in die filosofiese skool van Alexandrië gevorm is.

DIE  Waldeense Kerke het die TR mss, of aanvaarbare teks, dwarsdeur die eeue veilig tot by die Hervorming bewaar. Die feit dat die Roomse moordenaars deur die eeue heen die Christene vervolg en die TR mss verbrand het, is alleen genoeg bewys dat die duiwel [-hoer v. Op 17\18] die ware Woord en kinders van God wou uitwis (sien: Escursions to Piedmont;  pp258,289, Gilly). Die vroeë Christene het nie die [O/E]- of Vaticanus mss aanvaar nie, maar die TR-groep mss. Daar is ’n tipe godsdiens met ’n Roomse kleur, wat deur Konstantyn beoefen is, maar Sirië, Engeland, Suid-Frankryk … en Noord-Italië, is deur die ware evangelie beïnvloed voordat Roomse sendelinge daar was.  Volgens Stanley is Augustinus in 1596 deur die pous gestuur om Engeland te evangeliseer’, en het hy saam met die heidene opgetree teen die ware Christene wat voor hom daar was (Sien: Historic Memorials of Canterbury, pp33/4).

             Die Christene het ook hulle Bybels in Latyn vertaal voordat Jerome se korrupte Vulgate verskyn het. Vir 900 jaar is die vroegste Latynse geskrifte o.a. deur Christene gebruik en Jerome se Vulgate kon dit nooit vervang nie. (Sien: Catholic and Protestant Bibles, p4). By die Raad van Toulouse in 1229 het die Pous opdrag gegee dat die Christene in Italië en Frankryk uitgewis moes word. Die enigste rede vir dié uitmoring, was om die verspreiding van Bybels en die ware evangelie te verhoed (Sien: Popery, Puseyism, Jesuitism;  De Sanctis). Die ketters het die Vulgate van Jerome gebruik as teenvoeter vir die Waldeense Bybels (wat gekorrespondeer het met die KJV en ou Afrikaanse Bybel/ 53). Die Hervormers het ongetwyfeld die TR as gesaghebbend beskou omdat hulle self met die Waldeense Kerk in aanraking was en oortuig was dat hulle geskrifte van die apostels was. Luther het ook die waldene as Kerk van God beskou.

             Daar is ongelukkig die tendens dat beswaardes wat die Roomse Kerk verdedig die boek Openbaring so vergeestelik dat dié Kerk glad nie in Op. 17 [as d. hoer] gesien kan word nie. Terwyl die Roomse Kerk agter die vyeblare van teologiese wanopvattings skuil, word hulle tog deur die ware interpretasie van Op. en die Kerkgeskiedenis ontmasker.  Dit is verbasend hoeveel geskiedenisboeke nié van die vervolging van Christene melding maak nie. Talle boeke wat die geskiedenis van die Waldeense Kerk vertel, insluitende hul vervolging deur die Roomse Kerk, word deur talle geskiedskyrwers geïgnoreer. Sommige geskiedenisboeke beskou die Waldeense Kerk nie as die Kerk van Christus deur die donker Kerkeeue nie, ander beskou hulle as ’n sekte’! Die kritici verwys ook nie na die vervolging van Christene en hul mss nie, veral nie die TR nie. Dit sou ’n refleksie op hul argument vir die Alexandrynse geskrifte werp as hulle die feit moet meld dat die vervolgers bloed laat vloei het om die TR uit te wis.

             Die Katolieke Kerk het 69 organisasies.  Van hulle is die Augustiniane, Benedictiane en Dominikane … Luther het onder dié groepe getel. Dominikane was verantwoordelik vir die uitroeiing van Christene[a]. Hulle was goddelose wreedaards wat op brutale wyse Christene koelbloedig vermoor het. Die sataniese masjien wat oral onder opdrag van die Pous moord gesaai het, was die satan se instrument om Gods kinders, sowel as Sy Woord te probeer uitwis.

In die lig van die voorgaande én naasgaande, en veral ook:  “Net  AFRIKANERS  kan sondig en hel toe gaan …”? (p32+), is die onvermydelike opmerking –:  “O, so dís waarom  AFRIKANER-apartheid so histeries besanik en beveg moes word (& stééds beveg word =Kill the boer …;  veral ook deur d. “heilige” Katolieke koor & Tutu-istiese  aktiviste gesanik …) —  om die aandag van hierdie godskreiende rillers af weg te gelei het  …!!!” (= *IGN ):

B)  *All roads lead to Rome?  The Ecumenical Movement

IN  theological colleges and public libraries, it is now hard to find any history of the Jesuits beyond the beginning of the 17th century. Most books on the counter-reformation are written by Roman Catholic, many by the Jesuits themselves. Given that the Society of Jesus, today possibly more than ever, is the leading wing of the Roman Church …

             Education is the key to Jesuitism itself [=… educational propaganda”, Bailey p43A].  The most striking characteristic of Jesuit education [is that] almost all the persons educated in their colleges consider themselves in a certain way attached to the order …  Examples of this binding or indoctrination are readily to be found in the Spiritual Exercises of founder Ignatius Loyola …:  That we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the Church herself, if she shall have defined anything to be black, which to our eyes appears to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black.’

             In his book 50 Years in the Church of Rome, [Former Roman Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy describes his last meeting with Abraham Lincoln before the assassination].  The President spoke of his presentiment that God will call me to Him through the hand of an assassin’. He knew that the publication of this letter was his death warrant. So many plots have been made against my life, that it is a real miracle that they have all failed, when we consider that the great majority of them were in the hands of the skilful Roman Catholic murderers, evidently trained by Jesuits …  The Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood, that Henry IV said that it is impossible to escape them, and he became their victim, though he did all that could be done to protect himself’ [=pres Wilson -p1].

             “‘To celebrate the 500 years is to celebrate an massacre’, said Indian leaders in Mexico. In Peru, the South American Indigenous Council went further, saying: The genocide perpetrate against the Indians makes Hitler’s genocide against the Jews seem a minor deed.’ (The Guardian;  April 20 1991)

             We don’t need to go back so far in history to catch another glimpse of this same evangelising spirit’. According to a memorandum in the United States Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps documents, dated 12th September, 1947, agents hunting escaped Nazi war criminals [] purposely avoided capturing one man, because; his contacts are so high and his present position so compromising to the Vatican, that any extradition of the Subject would deal a staggering blow to the Roman Catholic Church’. (Battle Cry, Chick Pub., Chino, California).

             The man was Anton Pavelic, head of the new nation state of Croatia, carved out of Yugoslavia during the War. During Pavelic’s four-year  reign, he and Roman Catholic  Prelate,  Archbishop Alois Stepinac, pursued a  convert or die’  policy  among the 900,000  Greek

[a]         ‑& wie is dit wat d. Christendom vandag steeds/al meer uitwis (ook d. Afrikaner/-boere beskawing …) ‑  in verskeie opsigte (pp21,22[b], 32+ )?  Is dit ook d. kerk” self!? =pp25, 42;  afgesien v.d. talle openlike, skokwekkende vervolging & uitwissing —  sien ook: //  ens!

Orthodox Serbs, Jews and others in Croatia.  200,000 were converted; 700,000, who chose to die, were tortured, burned, buried alive or shot, after digging their own graves. The Catholic Church did not leave the execution of a religious war to the secular arm. She was there herself, openly, ignoring precautions … Wielding the hatchet or dagger, pulling the trigger, organising the massacre, the Roman Catholic Priesthood became again its own instrument of inquisition …

             Writing in September 1991, Sunday Telegraph writer Andrew Roberts expressed surprise that in the present crisis, almost the entire Western media have chosen to champion the Croats. In Krajina it takes longer than the 45 minute attention span of today’s CNN broadcaster to forget the way Franciscan friars participated in the slaughter of Serbs in Croation Bosnia. Orthodox Serbs were promised protection if they converted to Catholicism and were then killed after they entered the churches, as the priests looked on’ (Sunday Telegraph; 15th September 1991)

Saktyd-BYLAAG  I

DIT  is van wesenlike belang om te besef dat die naasgaande profetiese materiaal bekom is eers ná dié geskrif rééds gefinaliseer was.  Dit staan dus totaal onafhanklik van mekaar (&d. bronne/-lys), en die verstommende eenstemmigheid, móét beskou word as ’n dringende sein  waardeur Iemand  iets wil sê vir die mens (& selfs d. kerk); veral vir dié wat ore het …  om te hóór (… wat die Gees vd. gemeente wil sê)!!!  Let ook op dié wesenlike aspek dat hierdie gegewens op, of bínne die betrokke datums neergepen is, en nié ná bepaalde (wêreld-)gebeure nie.  Dit bevat daarom onteenseglik profetiese kwaliteite (=ook haar webwerf)!  Op Newkirk se webwerf kom wel idees voor wat bevraagteken kan word, maar in die algemeen huldig sy uiters kritiek-aktuele gegewens wat die bestaan van die mens en “beskawing”, soos ons dit ken, ten diepste raak (- Newkirk se opmerkings/dialoog tussen hakkies;  eie toep./klem)  –:

From  the  Mountain

(Visions & prophecies;  Linda Newkirk: )

(5-26 Sep 2001):  … Satan, the devil; … is the Kingdom of man [=2Tess 2:3,4;  Op13:18;  p21/2]. [That which] is aligned with the devil, and focuses on the lusts of man and the things of the world, cannot be separated from the devil himself [= onder dieselfde saad\juk\krag trek …].  I warn all not to put off until tomorrow what must be done today; for some will not see another day. Violence and oppression will escalate the world over. Do not be so smug as to think that you, any of you, can sit back and do nothing while the devil advances.

             I am about to hit the finances of the USA. I shall cause airplanes to fall unexpectedly … I shall cause many signs in the Heavens to fall al over the USA and on other parts of the world” [-5 Sep, 2001 – onthou wat toe 6 dae later op Sep11 gebeur het!].

             [In] my words below, wherein I told you to take the rod to the stock market and to the congress of the USA, I wanted you to see and know in advance that I am judging the finances of this land! I am judging the leadership of this land … the very Luciferians, who carried out the Oklahoma bombing [with patsy’ – Timothy McVeigh]. These are the very same ones, who carried out the bombing of the embassies in Africa … namely the Rockefeller whores and their allies, who no longer count the USA as worthy to survive; for they are hell-bent towards the New World Order [=NWO]. I allow the [NWO] to rise for a season, all to test and try, to humble My faithful.

             I tell you now that today [=Sep11/01] many souls went to hell! They cry out for forgiveness, but it is too late! They have missed their heavenly inheritance because they trusted in the arm of the flesh. This calamity is a wake-up call … for  those who slumber” [— & in the arm of paper/Mammon =the worship of a wooden idol —  = afgodsaanbidding v. hout/papier/geld … materiële, sport, vermaak, welluste, sosiale brasserye …].

             [Clinton espoused] great financial growth; but you know that this, too, was only a lie, for America is bankrupt and each of you is taxed more than ever. [Clinton] took away many of your freedoms in the name of preservation of freedom. [For] he and George Bush are partners in power and crime. [Clinton] is very much involved in the shenanigans of Lucifer and the [NWO].

             Saddam Hussein is a [NWO] whipping boy … someone they use when needed [=patsy -p17]. Hussein is a class servant of Lucifer. He is key to much which goes on in the Mideast and he is a silent key … to the dope trafficking in that part of the world. He and Clinton, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and even the Rothschilds and the Queen of England and more, are all pawns of the devil … It is a war against terrorims, which is sponsered by world terrorists [=VSA/Shadow Govt./Illum]. In due season, all within your military will openly understand that this is truly a New Order and that China has been chosen by Lucifer to enforce the [NWO]. Let all be advised for you will not win this war. Yet, this is all known to the pigs in your very government, who know and work toward their common goal that America must fall [=een doel =Op 17:17 =13] … for the masses have deserted the Very One who has made this country great … you shall surely fall to world communism.

(7 Okt – 16 Des 2001):  Do you not know that the greatest numbers must be utterly decieved and tricked into following after Lucifer [=p32b; Op13:4], that they would never openly agree to his shenanigans? [Lucifer] knows that he must operate in the shadows and above all, he knows that he must control the top [=Icke, p2].

             You will see evidence in many areas that Lucifer is building up steam to persecute and do away with all Christians [just] as King Herod sought to kill all babes when My Son was born …  What you have seen on 09-11-01 is only a beginning of judgment in the USA [=p15]. I have warned the leadership of this land not to start a war of annihilation against the Muslims. For, these 09-11 attacks were orchestrated by the hidden leadership of the USA and other countries [= Illum]. They shall die from strange and unusual conditions. I shall cause a bitter war for control of the world’s oil supply to break out among China, Russia and the UN antichrist conspiracy” [=pp18, 29, 46.5].

             /(George W. Bush is drunk with the power, which he has stolen from the people through executive orders and through a bogus terrorist’ act … and according an article …  by congressman Ron Paul of Texas, very few, if any, ever read it. Something is seriously wrong with this picture and if people do not wake up and insist on one government under God, by and for the people, we shall most assuredly be ruled by tyrants!)/!

             Many churches have taken the 501(C)3 tax number, agreeing to uphold a satanic’ government and agreeing to keep silent about government policy, to not talk against porn and a long list of other hideous kinds of agreements … churches and the preachers have willingly become silenced for money. By any definition, this is a whore church [=pp30/1, 47].

             If [the] words concerning a satanic’ government seem strong to you, you need to study the works of such secret’ societies as the Freemasons and understand how they work. You need to read of the blood oaths, which all must take and learn of the god, which they worship [=pp35/6, 40]. You need to understand the occult layout of Washington DC and you need to understand something of the secret societies, such as the Bilderbergers, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, the Skull and Bones society … These secret’ societies, who have entered into blasphemous covenants with Lucifer, now rule the world [=pp8,16, 26, 35]. When you understand the nature of these societies and their oaths, you will come to understand why many in Washington literally get away with murder.” [=pp2,17,18, 26, 35/6, 40/1,44].

             /(I have read many times that the very president of this land belongs to the Skull and Bones, a super secret society, which is said to be the Thule Society by another name. This very Thule Society is what empowered Hitler to come into power, Hitler himself, often spoke of a [NWO]. This very Bush family played a role in putting Hitler into power)/.

             You will come to understand why prayer has been taken out of the public schools. You will understand why these same secret groups control the media from the top; and you will understand and see mass media for the mass mind control tool that it is [Blg. VIII, p43]. If you have believed what you have seen on television and in the controlled newspapers, you are most likely comfortably asleep [– hoor-hoor!].

             /(Most do not know that the skies all over the USA are now being patrolled by NATO planes [=p40]. (For more on this: Does it give you comfort that the skies over the USA are now being patrolled by NATO? Well, if it does, remember the NATO atrocities in Yugoslavia [=p47B])/”.

(2 – 11 Jan 2002):  If the masses could see and hear, they would percieve the evil, which is coming out of Washington. The world over they laugh, they fuffaw, at the idiot’ mindset of the masses”.

             [… the devil and his] have power; but not from Me. They get power from you. They feed off your sorrow and off your suffering. They feed off wars and violence. They feed of destruction and defilement of the human body … [=pp17-20,26,29, 44]. Each of you is accountable and each of you pays a price. For, you struggle with depression and with demonization of yourselves … for you have slept through the satanic takeover of your government [om nie te praat vd. stupefied mindset” vd. SA massas & d. oorname vd. antichris\kommies  hiér nie!].

             Come out of Babylon before it is too late! [=Op17; 18;  pp2,6,9,14/5,18, 20+,27\8, 33\4, 40-42, 50+]. Great suffering is at the door of this whole planet. When you see foreign troops begin to go door-to-door in the USA … then you will know that this will soon follow for the world. For, the concentration camps in America and elsewhere around the world will soon be overflowing …  with average citizens” [=Op13:10 -NV].

             /(On the 7th of January, I read an expose on This article was entiled, Canada’s Globalization, Militarization and Police State Agenda’, and it is the transcript of a speech, which was presented by Roco Galati, an attorney, at a forum for Scientists for Peace in Toronto in December of 2001. C-32 relates to secret trials’ … 72 hour arrest on suspicion’ … without being charged … C-22 makes lawyers spies for the government. C-42 allows ministers to declare military zones on the spot, issue orders, and no one can discuss the orders; for if one does, it is a criminal offense. …

             What is remaining are certain aspects of the Castle on the Hill.’ This very castle is occupied by three evil families. These families are the Rockefellers, the Royals of England and the German family which is called Rothschild. They have no wealth save it be paper. Their computers constantly generate much saying all is well financially, but my Child, the rock solid appearance of their financial reports feeds Satan’s spring, which is based on a lie. The castle is home to the money mongers of the world. These are the leaders of this evil scheme to rule the world and they isolate themselves in their castle, high up and removed from all, lest others see their evil and utterly defeat them. These paper doors represent the US currency, which is highly controlled and regulated by these three entities. Have the talking heads of your financial system not told you as a people, ad finitum, that all is well with your economy, even when you look around and see your economy falling apart with hundreds of thousands out of work … [– ala nuwe” SA’kie … Dawie Roodt &kie …].

(20 – 23 Feb 2002):  Hear the flutists, the pipers; for tunes, which are beautiful to the world, is being piped by the satanists all around the world …One people, one voice [… 1 heart / 1 mind … =p42]. Give up freedoms for security. Martial law for your own protection.’ Just as the Romans partied on while Rome burned [– & people partied on when the Titanic hit an ice berg – pp8, 19/20,26], you around the world, are partying on as a civilization is destroyed before your very eyes [=pp18, 20/1,26+]. Gruesome crimes against humanity are now commonplace in the USA [– & veral teen Afrikaners in d. nuwe” SA’kie!] and these [] are carried out at the highest levels of this government. Years of planning and much stealth and cunning by the satanists, who are high in this government and in governments around the world, have orchestrated a plan for world martial law.

             A great awakening is at hand; but there shall be no great awakening, save it is preceded by some grave tragedy [=Nibiru, p45/6]. I shall begin a series of revelations for My people; for many perish for want of truth [=Hos4:6,7]. My promise to My Faithful is this: I am breaking and destroying this evil system. Piece by piece, it is falling until it is utterly devastated; but I shall preserve the righteous. I shall keep the pure of heart and they shall not want. But, alas, many believe their hearts are pure when they are full of self.”

(1 – 8 April 2002):  This great boiling, which is upon the Earth is a great cleansing of My people. How many are ready. The world over, false prophets are sounding the prosperity bell. They are sounding the bell of peace [=1Tess5:3]. They are praising an errant president and believing his lies. How many times have I warned my people to give up the mind control press?

             This planet [Nibiru =dwergster,  p45] is bearing down on this solar system. Yes, it is a small star and it is returning and when it does it will flip the Earth. What you have read about increased earthquake activity being due to the return of this planet is true …

             [Antichrist] will appear to be everything to all. He will come forth as a Jew … as a German … he will appear to be an Arab, yet he is none of this. He is a renegade, a crossbreed … and he will emerge out of … waste and destruction” [=Titanic -pp8,19/20].

             The whole Earth is in a state of turmoil and what is shall be intensified [= v. kwaad na erger -2Tim3:13]. Those who love Me and serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit, shall have a greater peace and a greater hope, even as they see the world falling around them; for My Spirit shall imbue Mine and shall empower Mine in a greater measure.

             You see evidence of the tightening of immigration via passports. You hear of a national ID card, which will soon go into effect, with prison terms for those, who are caught without one. This card will obviously not work, so the computer chip in the hand or in the forehead will be required. This is all part of the [NWO] agenda and their schemes are going forth at a very rapid rate. The approuching of [Nibiru] is intesifying what is. For this reason, evil is greatly intensifying … but if your hearts are full of love, this will also intensify. If your hearts are full of sadness, let go of the sadness; for this will make you sick. Realize that what is coming upon this world is a necessary cleansing.

(15 – 25 April 2002):  During this lull, many are slipping back into a deeper slumber; but the wolves are advancing on many fronts. The Homeland Gestapo plans to imprison all who do not have national IDs. /(I read of the military exercises they are conducting in preparation for this time)/.

             Right now, many are being executed in a quiet way, away from the eyes of the public. All is being done in secret, but soon, it will not longer be done in secret. These executions will be done for the good of the country’, all in an effort to stamp out terrorism’” [– ja, waar kom d. sg. “wêreldterrorisme” skieklik vandaan =Voorw.,p2,17, 20[c.1], 41 …! —  verstandiges wat teen d. reënboog”-Bab(b)el-gedierte & sy helsorde gekant is (=ware Christen-\Afrikaners & Waarheid-liefhebbers) sal as terroriste” vervolg word …!!!].

             [Nibiru] is coming …  But, in addition to this, you who are left, have nuclear wars to deal with. You have famine and plagues and great trials. The Earth will flip. New land masses will appear and a great amount of land will disappear beneath the churning waters [=p46 .3; Luk21:24]. Most wil not believe … but those, who obey Me, who listen to My Spirit, will be led to safety. I have told you that a great purging is upon the Earth. And, calamities so severe that non of you can imagine living through them.

             The masses are being sprayed with mind-numbing chemicals and they are being drowned by mind-controlling frequencies. You are literally being put to sleep, numbed out, so that you will not wake up … they [Illm. -pp2,17] are busy stamping out opposition before the great upheaval strikes. After this grievous calamity, the Antichrist will emerge with all the solutions and the hungry, the destitute, the brokenhearted and downtrodden will rush to sign up. This evil system is planning a wordlwide assault upon the poor …  He wishes to appear in many ways and to trick all” [=pp8, 21\2,27,29, 35\6, 42].

             You cannot win this war without My Spirit. You cannot win this war if you are ignorant of it. It is a hot and destructive war. For, these evil ones plan to eradicate each of you. They plan to have a planet which is fully controlled by evil, in which each of you is evermore the slave [=Op13:4 =hele wêreld hel verwonderd agter d. ding aan …! =globalisme / Neo-Babilonse hoer =Op17\18 … & dink hulle bewys God ‘n guns]. The world over, the masses have become a curse upon the land [-& upon themselves].

             The Bushes … will not win in a bid to separate and divide Israel and to control Jerusalem. Even now, as your constitution is being shredded and a police state is rising in the USA and you are creating war on many fronts … You have the leadership you deserve. How Lucifer has deceived the masses through the Bush House. How he has deceived the prophets; for through flowery words and fancy shows, Lucifer has deceived many … On stolen gold they rush forth to control the world.”

(1 Mei – 12 Julie, 02):  Out of the passing of [Nibiru], many will be put through trials by fire. Out of the fire, out of the ruins Lucifer will rise [=pp17-23]. Those , who will not pick up their cross and follow Me and My Son, wil be consumed by the fires of the passing of [Nibiru].

             Illusion shall become evermore a reality and reality an illusion. To the public, they look pleasing and appetizing. They present their plans and schemes in such a way that they are edible, they are digestible. But, their schemes and plans ultimately taste bitter …  It is the alliance of the fake Jews, the very ones, who scheme to rule the world, the very ones, who control Israel through an evil cabal.”

             A step-up in martial law here and abroad. /(One of Bush’s cabinet members threatened that civil liberties are out the window if there is just one more terrorist attack … To get rid of all, who will not be controlled! But, Father, they have to know that this is not going to work)/ My Child, does insanity know reason? /(My Father, I am glad that people are waking up and I pray that the evil hoards are all brought before the world courts and tried for crimes against humanity)/ Oh, My Child, as the scenario unfolds, they will move to destroy the whole world before they will allow such a thing. It is up to each of you to make sure that they do not succeed.

             The whole world is facing a financial meltdown. The rich and powerful, rather than allowing this, will start a world war. Their goal, which they continue to push, is peace through war [=p18+]. The economy of the whole world [is in serious trouble] for it is built upon a lie.

             The evil ones know what the return of [Nibiru] will do to Argentina and other places on the planet. They have deliberately crashed this economy so as to protect their own assets. They want people to stay in such an exaggerated state of fear that they never wake up to what is coming.”

(30 Aug. 2002):  I have heard your cries on behalf of My people. They are perishing for lack of truth [=Hos4:6], but through their own ignorance, through their own blindness and deafness, they have chosen to perish! Soon, the very streets of America will run red with the blood of Americans. Those of you, who believe that you still have freedoms, are among the blindest of them all. The years have passed when you could have done something to change this destructive course.

             You have been told that these days, which are upon you, can be linked to the days of Noah and to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The

[passing of Niburu]

was responsible for the flood. But recall as well, that the heavenly watchers had also left their stations [= Gen6; Judas :6,7 =pp4-9, 37-40, 52\3]. They had mated with the human women on Earth and in so doing had produced giants [&hybrids]. All around the world was gross corruption, stealth, cunning, lying, stealing and murder [=nuwe” SA!]. And, in a few hours, it was all destroyed.

             The fallen ones, Lucifer and his hoards, have mated with the humans [-& met Eva? =p8.8], and all against their will, as in the days of Noah, and … many hybrids have been produced. These hybrids would be brought forth [=na vore kom” =Mark13:22;  2Tess 2:7+;  Op13:13 -pp5-7,10,14,15, 20, 38E, 52/3]. And, they would be used to help do away with all humans … because they are as automotons and they lack a conscience. Their plan is to enslave all humans … who are left after this planet is once again flooded by the passing of Nibiru … hideous beings will come forth [=wilde diere” … 2Pet2:12; =pp8, 22,24,26].  For, as you know, they are indeed the fallen ones, the reptilian ones in disguise … their habitation is underground. But finding the humans fair they have traded technology with them, collaborating with them … [=pp11-14, 38E]. It is a lie that they have come from a faraway planet. And, it is a great lie that they are out to help humanity in any way.

             I am able to protect whole cities and whole continents from devastation … for love of two or three of My Faithful. I shall never forsake My Faithful. As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, a nuclear holocaust of mighty proportions is upon the world. All countries are lining up against Israel … I shall intervene … and I shall give them mighty and unparalleled victories over the evil ones … through My super-natural intervenstion.”

(1 – 22 Okt 2002):  This key … will show you the truth about all people and as you speak the truth to them, some will be pleased, but many will be very angry. For, the masses do not love truth. They love illusion. They love a lie [=p43C,E]. Greater calamities are coming in the streets of the USA. These planned terror escapades will be used to take away your rights to vote in free elections.

             All is not as it seems. Lucifer and his hoards are paralyzing the world, out to destroy all life and so few even notice … they hate you. They are poisoning the waters, poisoning the air and killing the planet by degrees [=pp26, 44]. These are ruling this planet. Through their human counterparts, they rule [Illum./geldmonsters -pp2,17,18, 35/6, 40]. And, from their stations in space.

             It is not altogether the passing [of Nibiru], which is the significant point, but what takes place before and after

             Behold the prophets, who are telling the people outright lies. In these perilous times, you have prophets, who support George Bush. You have prophets, who will not speak out against a satanic government. You have prophets, who will only tell the nice things. A great sifting is taking place in the prophetic. I have warned you to be vigilant. Trust no one; but put your faith and trust in Me and My Son. There are many levels of truth” [=p1A, Icke -p2, 38C, 43A-E  ens].

(27 – 31Okt 2002):  In all the world, the evil ones have risen to great power. Through lies and illusion [& geld/Mammon … & the idiotic mindset of the masses … =gebrek aan kennis], they are conquering the world. Though black, they say white and though white they say black. All that is truth, all that is good is being steadily replaced with all that is rotten” [=Zoid-isme, =p26/7;  ook pp32+, 47B].

             “… As I look upon this jail scene, I suddenly find myself in a very long corridor, instinctively knowing that this prison is a subterranean area. As I begin to walk the corridor, I begin to realize that I am not looking at human beings, but strange genetic mutation [=wilde diere” 2Pet2:12;  =pp8, *DOM -11, 22,24,26, Blg.II -36, 52\3]. I am looking at the outside door of this prison and on it are the words, Genetic destruction of mankind.’ A baby is being delivered by forceps and from looking at the woman, I can see that she is heavily sedated. These physicians look human, but I know that they do not have human spirits, for the Spirit of God reveals this. Inside them are the spirits of reptiles.

             I am in a very large room, which is full of computers. Each computer has a designation and reading from the computers I see the following:

             Crop Modification; Cenetic Codes; Bilingual Confusion (mass migration from country to country / annihilation of race identity / mixture of all cultures [=nuwe reënboog” SA’kie! =pp21,25, 42]); Dislocation Sevices (concentration camps, martial law); Hairpin Curves (death by: sex and violence, massacre, war, strife, upheavals); A Walk in the Park (annihilate al opposition, demand total submission or death); Bone Marrow Secrets (secret works which are being done in many hospitals whithout anyone’s consent); DNA Files (they are all ordered according to national origin and now count over three billion souls … so as to annihilate [the angelic bloodline first] [=haar saad” -p8+]); History of Mankind (your real identity is being replaced with a fake identity. And, your real history is being replaced with lies [=”nuwe” SA’kie!]); The Death of Humanity Through Starvation (seeds that do not replicate / Extinction of all food crops) [=pp19,20;  weather warfare” -p38E].

             I truly believe that our Lord and God will take others into the den of Lucifer and others will also see his evil plans; for God would not have us be ignorant of these schemes [NB: Joh16:13 !!!]. When one’s reality is challenged, often extreme resistance is the first reaction. When this reality is challenged over and over, one tends to relax that orientation and to open to new realities. This is both good and bad … [for] one may accept as real certain programming which is full of lies and illusion [=Voorw., pp2,11,17 35/6, 43]. This is why all must be filtered through prayer. It must be filtered through the Spirit of Truth.

             There is nothing, which is hidden, which will not be revealed. Therefore, what these evil ones believe as secret, shall all come forth. [But] many cannot be reached and they will never be reached [– want hulle slaap  te vas binne die Bab(b)el …!]. [For one] must have a heart after truth, to desire truth, to be able to recieve truth. Do not expect a liar and a schemer to love the Spirit of Truth [=p1+].”

(27 Nov – 5 Des 2002):  As I look at this group of men, I am aware of great deception among them; for what has been decided among themselves … will not be honored [=Dan7:23; 8:23+; 9:25+; 11:21+]. My eyes are on George Herbert Walker Bush. I am not allowed to look at all faces … But, I know for sure that what God wants me to see is that those present have been granted certain lands by this counsel. Yet, the Bushes will not keep their end of the bargain [= – every book I have ever read on the New World Order make land an real-estate the valuable commodity to be taken over at all costs”, Smith p40;  ook grondhervormings/-eise” in SA, Namibië & Zim!? — HEL-LO-O- …!!!].

             /(Oh, the unquenchable grief to behold what is at hand and to see the lackadaisical spirit of the masses [=breë pad”-dwases = Matt7:13;  Luk13:24;  pp1a.1,4, 21/2,26]! So much is happening on so many fronts and to the average person the reality of things seem bizarre. They do not seem real to them, but like bizarre fantasy and they do not believe)/. For, when World War III gets underway, a string of destructive calamities will be unleashed upon the Earth [=d. geheime krag” se multidimensionele & geïntegreerde ratwerke =pp1-3+,14a-cii,16+, 35+].

             Many consider themselves worthy’ to escape these things, yet their lives are full of sin and their hearts are filled with unforgiveness. Their prayer lives are almost non-existent and their token to me is a visit to church on Sunday … one would think that they are on fire for their god. But … this is the strange fire … This is the fire of the world! This is the spirit of deception. This is the anointing of the fake. For, they chose to believe a lie, so I have given them a bigger lie. All would be wise to separate from such groups.

             /(As the world war erupts, the Antichrist rises to power. And, very soon the temple will be rebuilt in Israel and the Antichrist will move to rule the world through Israel)/. The fake Jews [=reptiliansaddergeslag”;  jou saad” …!!!] plan to rule the world through Israel. And the Christians are blind to it.

(22 Jan – 15 April 2003):  I tell you that the [NWO] is rising and that according to its plans the USA must fall and Europe must rise [=Babilon d. groot hoer” -Blg.VI, p41/2]… The pyramids, which you see represent the Illuminati [=pp2, 17\8, 35+, 40].

             At the time of a predeterminded crisis, when most of your troops are without your borders fighting senseless wars, they will bring forth these troops to establish law and order. This chaos, which is to ensue, is planned chaos. Do not believe what you see on television. The world over, you will see freedom vanish in air and you will see Nazism, communism and satanism move in and take over. It is a day wherein I am calling Mine out of this world. I am calling Mine out of the mind control. I am calling Mine out of the clamor and if you will not hear Me now, how will you hear Me when foreign troops are on your front doorstep?

             Out of the destruction, they will bring about their [NWO]. And, the black bird, their awaited Phoenix, will rise in Europe [=p40]. Europe will rise through the Antichrist … he will be of Germanic descent (and a fake Jew. The plan for world dominion and at the root of it are the fake Jews’). The scarlet woman is the Catholic Church [=Op.18 -p48]. With the help of the Antichrist this whore will be used to sway and unite the peoples of the world” [=NB:  pp25, 42  ens. —  maar dit sal ook ’n drukkoker  vereis = Nibiru, p45/6].

             This World War III is being staged to bring in the antichrist and false prophet, who will rule out of Israel. But, the wise ones will not support this Luciferian war; for it is a war for utter control of the world. Therefore, I warn Mine to come out of this luciferian system.

             Those who love Me and our Father can never fit into this system. They are thrown out of it, as a centrifuge would refine and throw out; for they will never mesh in. They will never fit in and many are at a loss, lacking understanding as to why they do not fit in anywhere. Many will fall away. Many will take the mark; … less trouble to take the mark, than to persevere in faith … for they have believed a huge lie.

                When these perilous times hit, those without a real foundation, a real spiritual connection to Me and our Father, will be swept away. Those of you, who have found yourselves alone and struggling before Me and our Father, rejoice, for it is better to be alone and able to swim than to be with many aboard the Titanic [=pp19,20]. Many churches are in deep, dark waters and they are about to sink. Come out of them and get a strong foundation. The doctrines of men are very hard to give up, once embraced.”


By die lees van die naasgaande moet veral die volgende gegewens/beginsels in gedagte gehou word:  a)  Waarom is apokriewe soos Henog  en Esdras  uit die aanvanklike Kanon verwyder? (- wat volop besonderhede oor meegaande kwessies bevat);  b)  waarom sou die VSA-regering tot só ’n ingrypende stap oorgegaan het om die betrokke navorser, William Cooper (ex-CIA), in 2001 te vermoor het …  as dit nié sekere ingrypende  WAARHEDE  bevat het wat die regering verborge wil hou nie!?;  c)  gebeur dit nie meer dikwels as wat algemeen aanvaar wil word nie —  dat:  “Fact IS stranger than fiction”!?;  d)  “Omdat dit soms so bisar  kan wees, ontglip die  WAARHEID  die mens” (Heraklitus);  e) geen (ingeligde) gesonddenkende sal kan ontken dat meeste van hierdie gegewens in verskeie opsigte in die alledaagse gestalte vind nie, soos in talle bronne/narvorsings bevestig word!  —:

William Cooper’s Articles

hrrp://  (Cooper;  outeur v.d. best seller” :  Behold a Pale Horse)

During the years following World War II the government of the United States was confronted with a series of events which were to change  beyond prediction its future and with it the future of humanity. These events were so incredible that they defied belief. A stunned President [Harry] Truman and his top military commanders found themselves virtually impotent after having just won the most devastating and costly war in history.

             We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the [US] Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect-like’ beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico. Of even greater significance was  the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. During these early years the united states air force and the Central  Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over the alien secret’.  In fact, the CIA was formed by Presidential Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence.

             [… a] buffer was used in later years for the purpose of  effectively isolating succeeding Presidents from any knowledge of the  alien presence OTHER THAN WHAT THE SECRET GOVERNMENT AND THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY WANTED THEM TO KNOW.”

Great difficulty was encountered in maintaining international secrecy.  It was decided that an outside group was necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press. The result was the formation of a secret ruling body which became known as the Bilderberger Group. The group was formed and met for the first time in 1952. The headquarters of this group is Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderbergers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. During [pres. Dwight Eisenhower’s] his first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more crashed discs  were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. Of the 10, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in  Montana, and 1 in South Africa.

             [A] race of humanoid aliens [Etherians] landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida and successfully communicated with the U.S. government. This group warned us against the race orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development [=hegelisme]. During my two days’ visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials — with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! [p15f].

The alien emblem was known as the Trilateral Insignia’ and was displayed on the craft and worn on the alien uniforms. Both of those landings and the second meeting were filmed. These films exist today.

                The treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us [=VSA] with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other Earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to ther point of abductionn, and would have no memory of the event. It was further agreed that the alien nation and the United States would exchange 16 personnel with the purpose of learning of each other. The alien ‘guests’ would remain on earth. The human guests’ would travel to the alien point of origin for a specified period of time, then return. A reenactment of this event was dramatized in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind [= p2 !].

                It was agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation and that two bases would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases. These alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, and one would be constructed in an area known as Dreamland.

                Project REDLIGHT was formed and experiments in test-flying alien craft was begun in earnest. A super-Top Secret facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of the weapons test range. It was code-named Area 51. The alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in an area code-named Dreamland above ground, and the UNDERGROUND portion was dubbed the Dark Side of the Moon.’  The Army was tasked to form a supersecret organization to furnish security for the alien-tasked projects. This organization became the National Reconnaissance Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained to secure the projects were called Delta. Lt. col. James Bo’ Gritz was a Delta Force commander.


                The government has been totally deceived and we are being manipulated by an alien power, which will result in the total enslavement and/or destruction of the human race. We must use any and every means available to prevent this from happening.”

                Bill Cooper, in addition to the above, also released a document titled SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER’, which was later included in his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE’. In reference to the ‘Cult of the Serpent’ which he claims is headquartered in Rome, he states:

                History is replete with whispers of secret societies. The oldest is the Brotherhood of the Snake, also called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, and it still exists under many different names. The Brotherhood of the Snake is devoted to guarding the Secrets of the Ages’ and the recognition of Lucifer as the one and only true God. It’s secret symbol is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid [= p40].

                … the documents that I read while in Naval Intelligence stated that Project Galileo required only five pounds of plutonium to ignite Jupiter and possibly stave off THE COMING ICE AGE. Global warming is a hoax. It is easier for the public to deal with and will give the ruling elite more time before panic and anarchy replace government. The reality is that overall global temperatures are becoming lower.

                Cooper quotes from one (secret society) source: The initiated elect communicate directly to gods (aliens) who communicate back to them. The elect are given knowledge of the Mysteries and are illumined and are thus known as The Illuminati or the Illuminated Ones, the guardians of the Secrets of the Ages.'”

                …Probably the most notorious Freemason lodge is the P2 lodge in Italy. This group has been implicated in everything from bribery to assassinations. P2 is directly connected to the Vatican, the Knights of Malta, and to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. It is powerful and dangerous.  The Pope, John Paul II, has lifted the ban against Freemasonry. Many high-level members of the Vatican are now Freemasons [sien *IGN -p47\8].

                ALL of the intelligence officers I worked for while in Naval Intelligence were Masons.

                1990 is the right time with the right leaders: ex-chief of the Soviet secret police Mikhail Gorbachev, ex-chief of the CIA George H.W. Bush, ex-Nazi cyanide gas salesman Pope John Paul II, all bound by an unholy alliance to bring in the New World Order.

                …the heart of the Bilderberg Group consists of 39 total members of the Illuminati. The three committees are made up exclusively of members of all different secret groups that make up the Illuminati, the FREEMASONS, the VATICAN, and the BLACK NOBILITY. This committee works year round in offices in Switzerland.

                “‘The Illuminati are extremely powerful, very wealthy men. They believe that they are the guardians of the secrets of the ages. They believe that the vast majority of people would not know what to do with the real knowledge and the real truth and the real science — and would, in fact, misuse them all. They further believe that everything that they do is for the ultimate betterment and survival of humankind — even if it means killing two billion people to reach their goal…'” [NB:  = supermen\hitlerisme/Ubermensche -pp11, 23, 36].