To all my dear audience outside of today’s “new (mandela)” s_outh a_frica :

  • – this is how the real “mandela south africa” looks like … then ;  and EVEN MORE SO TODAY!! — which you and your parents have worshiped and supported for a century –
    against me and my parents of the BOER VOLK** …

Thank you to all of you and your “white”(??) nations /governments who are trying to kill me and my White Volk for the past century – even since the two Anglo-Boer wars = targeted by the whole of the common wealth;  the commie world and (of course) black /darkest a_frica … especially aksi by worshiping and supporting the “mandela”-phenomenon /-species , whom the Bible call, the “beasts of the field” …!!/?*

Thank you all of you for condemning me /my parents and my Volk for ..”Apartheid” all these years – which is proofed now (again &AGAIN …) as the ONLY Godly Scriptural Just and By Law of Nature means to Survive – OR> BE EXTERMINATED  and/or being EXTINCT …!!

Thank you to all of you (outside of africa) reading here for disregarding despising forsaking and hating me and my Boer Volk all these years … your “own blood/DNA” of the Awdam /WHiTe Race (Hebrew 119) … : JUST LIKE JOSEPH’S BROTHERS DID TO HIM … —

  • – HATED AND SOLD JOSEPH TO “EGYPT” – aka : to black /darkest a_frica … NB :

Deu 28:68  And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again
with ships …
and there ye shall be sold
unto your enemies [ – NOT : unto your ‘neighbors’~!!>]
for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you

Do you see a “déjà vu” /connection here yet!!? … what is was already before and will be again …!  The ReaL Israelites /12 Tribes = WHITE WEST, will return to …Egypt /a_frica …! — not on foot like in “Exodus”, but by ships!!  Are you listening*

The brilliant and gifted Dr. Albert Schweitzer who lived in Africa for 50 years as a missionary and welfare worker is often quoted on various issues, but never on what he said at the end of his life and work in Africa … :

SO – and now that Dr. Schweitzer’s words started to realize in all you White Western “christian”(??) nations also – guess what : all of you and your parents who for 100 years despised and hated me and the Boervolk for Godly Scriptural “Apartheid” – as the ONLY Just, and By Law of Nature means to Survive – OR BE EXTERMINATED  /EXTINCT …
– now you yourself want to , or thinking of turning to the SAME  THING  that you hated me and my Volk for for 100 years … :  “APARTHEID” –which in the Bible is called, “holy/ness”( ‘kodesh’) !!?

But of course all of you wont admit and confess to that.  No, me and my Volk are hated too much for you to admit to the Truth and the Real Reality = JUST LIKE IT WAS WITH JOSEPH (& his brothers) … in Egypt /’africa.  The “holy”( ‘kodesh’ / #Apartheid) Scripture occasionally uses “Egypt” as metaphor for africa – and also “Ethiopia, Kuwsh” and “desert /wilderness”.

And it is very much the same scenario with ..”Nazi/sm” and Hitler – and their Aryan( Adam) Race Advanced Nasional Socialism /aka >”APART-heid”!! : most of you despised and hated Hitler/“Nazis” …


Because you (myself) didn’t know THE TRUTH!!* … about WW2 /Hitler /Nazis and the “holo-hoax” ..!!  But of course the Blessed Master said in this respect ..:

Luk 8:17  For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.


Iam sure you all know by now that the Awdam/White “christian”(??) West are the >Twelve Tribes of (@REAL!!*) IsraEL – and you will continue hating me /The Boervolk (in africa) JUST AS  it was with Joseph (in africa) … —

  • until such time that a great tribulation /trail /tragedy befall you all … which will FORCE you..!! to recognize me /Boervolk … =
  • = the “End Time (Boer)Joseph”<>in “Egypt” = africa …

AND … you will even have to turn to me /the “Boer-Joseph” –in africa = TO SURVIVE …~!!!*

JUST LIKE IT WAS WITH JOSEPH – and his brothers … in africa …!!*

Why did (the reptilian) “jewly-wood” end the movie, “2012” – with a scene where “three ships” had to sail to …The Cape of Good Hope!!* – to start a ‘new age for humanity’ …~!!!*?*

“2012” – :  A scenario that holds some interesting connections between Noah and the Boervolk* — who of course (also) had to flee the “land of the north”( Zec. 2:6) /Europe to …The Cape of Good Hope.

For Noah’s Arc landed on a mountain where he planted a vineyard (= symbol of Israel) about 1,652 years after the “first Awdam” …  Whereas Jan van Riebeeck /the Dutch landend with three ships at the Cape /Table Mountain – and later also planted a vineyard … — about also 1,652 years =AFTER
     THE “SECOND AWDAM( /White)” = the Anointed Master /Savior and Shepherd … for the “lost sheep of [ONLY!!*] the House of [PHYSICAL!!*] IsraEL …”~!!!***

SO – there you go :  Now you have even more reason to go on hating me /Boervolk … –

  • SO YOU SOLD YOUR BOER BROTHER JOSEPH (OUT) to…the beasts of the field*

But fear not : Some day – I suspect soon – you all will also know The Truth … even about your despised and hated “Boer Brother Joseph” in africa (= the ‘Daughter of Zion’ = Isa. 1 ;  Zep. 3:10 …)

Dear Brothers /in Arms – you’ve been lied to( BIG TIME*) by the whole ~serpent seed illuminati #jew_world (dis)’order /’Matrix …for 2000 years :  starting with the word, “Adam” – which does NOT!! mean, “man/-kind” = but instead:  “WHITE Person /Race”!! >Hebrew 119*  There’s not such thing as a common universal “undistinguishable” … “all blood is red”–one human race.  The ELohim /YHWH created DIFFERENT races /species according to the Natural Law of “Kind After Kind” __for a reason and a purpose! — not to become a mongrelized sub(-sub ..) soup of a species!!

JaH created the Awdam( /White Race /H.119) to reign over(- all …! >Gen 1:26;  Psa 8:6 ..) /govern /cultivate the planet but bastardization of the Awdam( -Gen 6:12) is exactly why YHWH destroyed the white race and the earth _in the Days of Noah!!  And of course:  As it was in the days of Noah SO SHALL IT BE ALSO at the coming of the Son of Awdam!

I’m sure all healthy sober sane species with just 1 I.Q. can realize by now what will become of the planet when >NON_Awdamites( -and ‘tares’ & ‘serpents’) …are allowed or appointed to rule orver that which they are NOT Divinely /according to Natural Law of Creation ordained to do so … *** — JES / NO …

  • And if you don’t realize – please just come spend 60 minutes in …your adorable worshiped “new /free /mandela …” –south africa …

Untill I see you – AFTER THE COMING GREAT TRIBULATION … >Jacob’s Trouble :
Your hated Brother in Arms Boer ‘Joseph’ –

Greetings & Blessings …


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