Dr Vernon Coleman: ‘It’s time to arrest the guilty Doctors who gave the covid-19 Vaccines’

Now that even some of the mainstream media is reporting the fact that the covid-19 jabs are deadly, that they caused around 150 potentially serious side effects and that they have killed umpteen thousands of people, it is worth looking hard at the doctors who gave the jabs…

FITTON: Fauci Agency CAUGHT In Another China Covid Cover-Up!

Listen to this carefully: just a reminder of how this plandemic was 100% planned by so called elites. In October 2019 at the Milken institute future of health summit (3 years ago) they discussed how to get people to accept a (universal flu vaccine) obviously renamed covid-19.

“There may be a need or even a urgent call for a entity of excitement that’s completely disruptive.” ~: Rick bright

Sound familiar??? Sounds like a Pandemic… 😷

We really do have a problem on how the world
perceives Influenza and it’s gonna be very difficult to change that, unless you do it from within and say look I don’t care what your perception is; we’re going to address the problem, in a disruptive way and in a inattentive way because you do need both.
~: Dr Anthony Fauci

The sheep have clearly been lead to the slaughter…

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