Effective immediately, no more grain will be exported from Hungary… world headed into global famine scenario

The Death of Louis XVI

For those of you who don’t know your history very well… the French Revolution CHANGED EVERYTHING!!

            One major group [Illuminati  was behind it] …

            (- a.d.h.v. d. Jesuïte priester, Adam Weishaupt …&kie)

Adam Weishaupt

            One of the things done behind the scenes was to get control of the GRAIN  so that the people were experiencing a lack of food. THIS WAS DONE BECAUSE HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE EASIER TO CONTROL AND USE FOR YOUR PURPOSES!
            [- let asb. baie NB. op wat i.d.v. ook in d. ‘nuwe SA’kakkie’ – en wêreldwyd besig is om te gebeur = d. sg. ‘voedselsekerheid’-sage ~!*]

            PLEASE believe me when I tell you that EVERYTHING IS SCRIPTED!!! [= ‘_is a stage’ >Shakespeare]
            …. almost EVERY major news story that comes out everyday is a symbolic CODED MESSAGE that exposes part of The Plan 
            … if ‘they’  succeed, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!!  Just like it did due to the French Revolution.

▓        Whatever is pouring out of the daily news as ‘FACT’  when in reality it is ALL propaganda [-kondisionering /‘breinspoeling’] to get you to see things ‘their’  way.

            Reclaim your minds and use them for good.
               (- dít geld veral ook d. godsdiens- &/of geloofstaat /-toestand v.d. Blanke christendom! –
               – wat, soos gesien sal word eintlik … ‘a prison for your mind’ is = The Matrix)

            WE ARE IN A WAR FOR OUR VERY SURVIVAL!! and due to the truths above I fear for the human race … because ‘they’  have gotten us surrounded by so many layers of lies ….
            The SYMBOLISM  DOESN’T LIE!! It cannot. I or others may decode it incorrectly at times but the symbols themselves are the CODE [= ‘The Matrix’] with which we can understand EVERYTHING that is really going  on… that much I promise is the truth.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice used a February 8 speech in Paris to extol the Bush administration’s “global democratic revolution” which she says

          continues the work of the 18th century French Revolution …

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