“Europa” , originates from Phonecian and means, ‘The White faces’.

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There are those who still do not understand that those who call themselves jews are not… not what? I’ll outline that next but first a quote from

the New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1970 edition) p 587 under ‘Edom’…

“The Edomites were conquered by John Hyrcanus who forcibly converted them to Judaism, and from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people,
Herod being one of their descendants”.

This means that those who identify as Jews are mixed with Edom. Those who ‘call themselves Jews’ are Edomites. I don’t call myself a jew, and no Sakson
in his right mind would. Judaism is a thing one can be converted to. A race is something no one can convert to. One can race mix and breed with another race but the offspring is then a mixling or bastard.

The jews admit here that Judaism is a convertion related issue and that Edomites were converted and that Edomites are part of all Jews. Therefore those who call themselves jews are not Judeans but mixlings.

To be a Judean, and for that matter, an Israelite, when it comes to being a Judean or anyone of the other 11 tribes, the law is clear, there must be no race mixing, for as Deut states, “A mixling (bastard) shall not
come into the ‘congregation of the Lord’ (the nations of Israelites), not even unto the tenth generation shall he come in (meaning, never and a day)”.

Thus, seeing that those who ‘call themselves jews’ are mixlings, they ‘are not’ as Revelation puts it, “those who call themselves jews are not…” ie., not Judahites of Judah due to mixing. And thus they are instead, “A synagogue of satan”

put in other words, a Brood of Snakes as Jesus put it, meaning, Identity Thieves, gaining the inheritance of The Lord by claiming to something they are not.

The true Judahites joined their brethen and migrated with them into Europe, today Jut-land bears their name, Judah-land, of Judea. It has nothing to do with being Jewish.

Being Jewish is a religious thing. Woopie Goldberg is a negroid (zwarte) and is Jewish. Marylin Monroe and Madona converted to Judaism. The first is Sakson, the other a type we used to call, a Wog.

But no one can become an Israelite, in the same way a cat can not become a horse.

And Israelites were called sheep. and Jesus said my sheep hear me and follow me. Saksons when learning of Jesus, even filtered by trickster and huckster churches, followed Jesus, even though they

never were taught the Bible as it is…they still knew thay had something in Jesus. But those who call themselves Jews, infact perscribe 5 deaths for Jesus instead, and one being to be cooked to death in

boiling ‘shit’ (simply a sakson word folks).

The sheep are called Christians, once it was a word that meant European. The word Europe is taken from Europa, but its roots go back to Phonecian (true Hebrew) and it means, ‘The White faces’.

The Europeans are the sheep, the true Israelites, and all those who are of that stock and who are unmixed, are the heirs of the promise.