Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 14:17:15 +0200
Armageddon is coming to an end and NO, it is not a thing yet to come.

  • Could it be that the ‘Establishment’ has tricked us to believe it is something it is not?!
  • It is found only in Revelation 16:16. Strongs gives a link to a berg or mountain or hill, being from ‘har’ and as a throng or a rendezvous for ‘Megiddo’, itself from, ‘gedad’, meaning; to crowd, to gather…
  • … because ‘we’ are now deemed all equal __is part of Armageddon in which we are told to stick together… all races

Here is the rub, if the ‘Establishment’ can trick everyone to believe that Armageddon is yet to come and it is to be like a ‘this and that’ sort of blitz war, then we the ‘sheeple’ would never do anything believing that we are at least safe for now, albeit with some nasty things going on in the world and around us. But what if we were in the thick of it right now? What if we are in Armageddon and have been for some time now? And if so, why don’t we see it? Surely the effects would self proving around us?

Could it be that the ‘Establishment’ has tricked us to believe it is something it is not, and that what it is, we thus do not see? Did not the Bible warn us that ‘they’ would put lies for truth? Could it be that the Establishment does everything it can to ‘brain-dirty’ the true ‘sheeple’ to fight and stand up for Armageddon at all costs? What’s more, those who don’t like the social impacts of it are labeled the worst of folk, yea, even monsters.

The Standard and Controlled Meaning of the Word.

The standard meaning of Armageddon (which is the ‘establishment’ one)  is summed up by the following found in Wikipedia; “Armageddon (Ancient Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών Harmagedōn,[1][2] Hebrew: הַר מְגִדּוֹ‎, Har Megiddo, Arabic هرمجدون, Late Latin: Armagedōn[3]) is the site of an epic battle associated with the end time prophecies of the Abrahamic religions.”

And so, with this in mind, nearly everyone in any church, believes in some variation of some never before seen war, involving ultimate good and evil; oh yes, and an anti-Christ or devil creature thrown in for good measure. Seeing that no war has yet fitted these ideas yet, it must surely then be in the yet-to-come. And then, what with the Mayan calendar and Kosherdale (that’s Holywood to those who still do not know it is jewish owned and run) we have a great tale of woe to come, so much so that the bulk of folks now being non-church goers, also believe in this huge war of wars and call it Armageddon.

Where the Concept of Armageddon Truly Comes From.

We need to look very carefully at who tells us what.

If all sources seem to tell us that Armageddon is this great battle of battles, then we can draw a closing thought from this; either they are all of them right in what they say, or… they are all held in the sway of one great lie.

So how do we know? Who do we trust? Guess what, the answer is simple. The only bit of literature that can lay claim to bringing the term into the world is the Bible, thus, it can only be from the Bible we must seek its meaning. If those who give a meaning don’t know the Bible or ever mock the Bible, then how can one trust their opinion at all? No other book has the term as its own nor is it in any other religious book of the standard religions. Sure, there are those who stretch terms and overlay these into other literature of other religions, but that does not mean it is in there.

The birth of the whole idea is to be found in the Bible and so, to find out what it means, that is where we must seek for its meaning. And this can be done by delving into the meaning and the context in which it is set and the overall theme of the Bible. Nothing else will do.

It is found only in Revelation 16:16. Strongs gives a link to a berg or mountain or hill, being from ‘har’ and as a throng or a rendezvous for ‘Megiddo’, itself from, ‘gedad’, meaning; to crowd, to gather selves together, linking to gash, hinting that the gathering is to squeeze together to the hurt of the throng or by the throng. Note also the use of the French word by Strong, ‘rendezvous’. It means; an appointed place of meeting, also for troops and ships; a refuge.

Symbolic Use of Words and Sayings.

The term is used symbolically; indeed, the book of Revelation explains itself to be written in signs or symbolism. The Bible tells us throughout scripture, the meanings of its given symbolisms. And hill, berg, or mountain means ‘nation’ or ‘realm’ when used in a symbolic context.

Through the ages, sayings are often given using symbolic speech, such as, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’. The Bible follows the same tradition, or better said, Saxon cultures have followed that tradition.

We all know that to bring a horse to water has nothing to do with water or horses, likewise the Biblical saying, ‘ploughing with my heifer’ has nothing to do with ploughing or cows, but instead means, having intercourse with one’s woman. Likewise, ‘Beast of the field’ does not mean cattle but is an ancient term for ‘hunter and gatherer’. One right wing group (which is an Edomite founded one to trick Saxons) makes a big deal about a Biblical saying, ‘one who pisseth against the wall’, as a good reason to dump the Bible,  yet fails to highlight how Saxon culture uses piss today, “He’s pissed” (drunk), “He’s pissed off” (fed up), “Piss off” (go a way), “Pissing in the wind” (pointless) and so on.

Words too are used in such ways, for instance, a ‘Pig’ may not mean a swine but rather a ‘police man’ in today’s world.

It is therefore wrong to take words and sayings (used to mean what was then commonly understood) to mean something else in current ignorance. Translating words is all good and well, but one needs also to bring across concepts of the tongue and time things were written. This has all too often failed the translators who even turned words into names by not translating some words and giving the first letter a capital, a hot example is the word ‘satan’(but that is something for another day).

Indeed, whole religions and cults have sprung up over miss translations. Many occult groups, including the Freemasons, make a big deal over this ‘Lucifer’ name as if it’s the name of a super-spook being. Yet it is a word that is in the Bible only ONCE and for that matter, only in certain translations and not in others (Isaiah 14:4-16). It means bright or bright and morning star, which is also a title given to Jesus! However, in the passage where the word is ‘used’, it refers not to a super-spook but to a mere man, the king of Babylon and he’s been, ‘pushing up the daisies’ (oh yes, that’s a saying to mean, dead) for some 3000 years! Yet so many fear or honour Lucifer… but he’s dead… dead as a door nail.

Likewise, Armageddon is misapplied greatly. Everyone has been taught to dread it or if you are into warped fantasies, a dreadful time to look forward to. Well let me disappoint you, it will never happen in years or month to come… why? Because it is not something yet to come, it is here and now and we are in the thick of it.

The Dutch say, ‘een mans dood is een ander mans brood’. One man’s death is another mans bread. What is bad for some is good for others. But the system however tells us, what is good for some is good for all and what is bad for some is bad for all… because ‘we’ are now deemed all equal. This concept is part of Armageddon in which we are told to stick together… all races. As what is bad for blacks in Haiti is bad for Whites in the West.

For it is Written.

Jesus tells us that the day will come when all the nations shall be brought before him in Matthew 25:31+ and that these nations are deemed thenceforth as equal with the Israelites of the Israelite lands, at least, by those having done the ingathering. It is something that takes place when Jesus shall come in his Greatness (glory).

I read the verses in question to a Judeo-Christian (note, I did not say Christian), and added, ‘nations’ in these verses is translated from ‘ethnos’ and so, before Jesus the churches have brought all the ethnics together in ‘our lands’. I then read to him, “and Jesus said, thank you for bringing all the nations to me, now they are all saved and they are now all my flock”.

He looked at me contently, smug that I had confirmed with the Bible that Jesus loves all the races mixed. So I then asked, isn’t that what it says? He said, “That’s what you’ve just read.” He answered assured that his belief was confirmed. I then said, “But I did not read that at all, I made it up because that is what you wanted to hear… but this is what is truly written, and he shall separated them, one from another, as a shepherd divideth the sheep from the goats”. I added, “it’s not about putting asunder believers from unbelievers here, because it states, ‘AS’ one who sunders (separates) two species, sheep from goats, and the context is in that of ‘Ethnos’, not in that of believers and non-believers.” To which the man was most ‘pissed off’.

There are several points here, folks believe what they are made to believe or what they want to believe and gloss over what they don’t like. But the other point is, the verse tells of a time in which all the nations are brought together, all pressing together, all in a nation or in a ‘system-of-gathered-together-throngs’. Jesus was saying, the day will come when somewhere on earth, and at some time, there will be a realm where different races are brought together in God’s name (name meaning, authority).

When they built the tower of Babel, this was also all the races brought together under one authority, in one name, in one common goal, all under the religious banner of those leading the throngs, all under the name of their spin on God.

Babel is a melting pot. The Babel idea appears again in Revelation as hidden Babylon, namely, Babylon in nature but not understood to be so by the throngs. But which throngs?

Old Babel was not all over the planet, it was a realm (a berg, a hill, a mountain). It was where the offspring of Adam lived and worked as one with non-Adamites, the ‘Beast of the field’ (hunters and gatherer races dressed up as Adamites). Indeed, the king of Babylon much later on, was king over man and beast (of the field). This was the so-called Lucifer ruling over a melting pot at that time.

Now ask yourself, where in the world today are all races living together under one authority, and for that matter in places (realms, lands) that were founded in name (authority)of Jesus and God his Father? Do we find a melting pot in Japan? Or what of Korea, north or south? Or what of the Congo, or Jordan, or Tunisia, or Liberia, or Haiti? No. Were these traditionally the Christian nations? No.

But what then of the so-called Western nations, the lands that were ONCE Saxon? Once called, the Christian West. Indeed, please find me a Saxon land today that is as ethnically homogenous as Japan or the Congo. Can you find one? I can’t. Yet I can find plenty of lands that were ONCE Saxon; Zuid Afrika, Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, Holland, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Sweden and so on.

After WW2.

After WW 2 things began to change greatly for the Saxon lands and at a swifter rate in the 1970’s with the ‘boat people’ coming to our Saxon shores. In Holland for instance, when the first boat people came, all the church bells rang across the land to welcome them in. To the churches, this was like unto some warped and welcome outgrowth of missionary work.

Ah yes, those missionaries.

They stepped over the wretched starving poor of their own kind but did naught and for them. Rather they happily trundled off to the far reaches outside the ‘realm’ of Christendom (mountain, berg, hill of Christendom) in ‘God’s name’ (authority) to bring them, the ‘beasts of the field’, to Jesus. That nitwit Dr. Livingstone for instance, converted only ONE beast of the field during all his jungle trudging, and ‘it’ went back to it’s gods when it learnt that Livingston’s god (I say ‘god’ as Livingstone did not represent Our Father at all) would not let it keep all its wives. Livingstone clearly never read the Bible, at least one wonders if he ever did, for if he had, he would have read that he who does not look after his own kind is worse than an infidel. 1 Tim 5:8.

The melting pot is a dream-come-true for the churches. It is the point in time when all those ‘ethos-es’ can come together in one realm, the lands of Christendom, the lands of the Saxons, all under one name. Ah yes, and teaching Saxon children the song, all the children of the world, Jesus loves them all, red yellow, black or white. At last, all the nations are brought before Jesus as is stated in Matthew. To them, it is quaint, but it is what Jesus warned of…and for those who did this, he does not say thanks. Instead, he says to those who brought them to our lands, who welcomed them in and who only chase away make-believe-devils in ‘his name’ yes, imaginary spooks… to them he says, “go a way from me you workers of lawlessness, for I never knew you.” Matt 7:21-23.

Now, some 30 years after the boat people’s first landings in the realm of Saxondom, the hoards outside are still pressing to get into our realm. They are not squeezing to get into any other realm (berg, hill, mountain) but ours.

Even during the apartheid day in Zuid Afrika, the beasts were squeezing in under a boarder of razor wire, yes into a land that so-called discriminated against them.

In the USA, beasts pour in from Mexico, in Australia they pour in even if it means on rickety boats over thousands of miles of water. In Europe, they pour in, by-passing all the lands that have the same culture and religion as they have. Yes, they pour in, and squeeze in into all Saxon lands.

The True Meaning.

Let me repeat the meanings I gave above for Armageddon; It is found only in Revelation 16:16. Strongs gives a link to a berg or mountain or hill, ‘har’ and rendezvous for ‘Megiddo’, itself from, ‘gedad’, meaning; to crowd, to gather selves together, linking to gash, hinting that the gathering is to squeeze together to the hurt of the throng. Note also the use of the French word, rendezvous. It means; an appointed place of meeting, also for troops and ships; a refuge. Armageddon is a refuge for the beast hordes, but a death to Saxons… een mans brood is een ander mans dood.

Put it all together, it is to do with a hill, berg, mountain, namely, a realm and it was in old Israel thus it is linked with new Israel (not Israeli the Edomite enclave in Palestine of today) but rather, mystery Israel as we are dealing with mystery Babylon. The Israeli state is not a mystery; it is in your face, day in, day out.

It is also a place where throngs squeeze to get in, they gather like an invasion, hence as, troops and in ships (boat people). Furthermore, the throngs are not happy to live in other lands that are non-Saxon, they don’t want to linger in let’s say Indonesia, no, they want to go to America, Australia, England, Germany, France, Zuid Afrika, and so on. These are the “appointed” places which, when boiled down are one place, former Christendom, former Saxondom. These are all under one authority today, Neo-Babylon. These are Mystery Babylon. These are the places of the gathering of all the nations. These are the places of refuge… yes of the hoards of refugees.

Rev 16 deals with the last church age, the Laodicean, it is the one where they say they are rich but are poor. The churches claim they have all the knowledge needed but are the poorest in knowledge, the mateship (society) they have spawned claims that we are the riches nations, yet we are very poor. The claim is a trick so that we believe we can afford to pay the throngs of beasts abroad and afford their throngs to come in our midst. It is a claim that masks the depth of worklessness (unemployment) so that Saxons do not rise up to save their work places. It is a time when churches are lukewarm, whereas in Pakistan blasphemers are killed, here blaspheming is interwoven in daily life and entertainment… yea, even in the sciences where all weather is acknowledged to a heathen mother goddess, Mother Nature, thus denying Our Father who does all these things. It is not Mother Nature but Father God that gets upset.

It is a time of our nakedness and shame. Nakedness means without covering, namely, not covered by God, even though they claim to be Christian. This is because, only in the last church age are Christians transfigured to Judeo-Christians, thereby losing their covering. As things are of the geist (spirit, mindset), they are also of the flesh, body, literal; and so we see nakedness everywhere, not just in porn which is now so ‘everywhere’ but also in things not deemed porn, adverts, and in beach wear, yea, even street wear. Women today wear tights as a garment showing the full shape of their legs and bums and the other.

It is also the day of the lay preacher, and thus lay churches founded by any clown with half an idea.

Rev 16 crosses over with Rev 13:9 onwards and Rev 11:7 onwards. These chapters address the 20th year-hundred (century) and the 21st y-h. It starts with the great wars, WW1 the WW2 whereby the befolking (population) dances in the streets over the death of the 2 witnesses (the great street parties at the end of WW2). It speaks of the death of the last Saxon rickes (empires), both British and German.

These chapters also speak of the speaking images of the system (TV) that came after the death of the witnesses, the death of Christendom. The first witness died when Esau took over fully with the Fed Reserve Act and with it came a Multi-culturalism leading to multi-racialism and it was born within the Roaring Twenties. It was also known as the Jazz Age. Jazz being negro slang for semen. The negro seed, in geist and body was spreading over the West, fostered by jewish geld (money) and might.

Whites for the first time lived solely for geld and entertainment and the state churches emptied and lay churches rose. Women called themselves ‘Flappers’ as they were able to (being freed from Christian wholesomeness) flap with their mental wings from one man, even woman to another is lose sexual relationships, smoking and boozing and Voodooing along. This folks was the Roaring Twenties, your great gannies and great grandpas were there!

Hitler Pooped on the Melting-pot Party.

It was that generation whose party was pooped on by the Great Depression but worse still, by Hitler who was a real wet blanket on the Melting Pot Party. Imagine the distain by these ‘modern’ Saxons when Hitler banned lewd entertainment such as Cabaret, as well as Modern art which he labeled as decadent, and Modern Architecture (which he called ‘Cosmopolitan Rubbish’), but he also he banned, modern music (which was basically ancient Voodoo), and yes…he banned race mixing! How could the Saxon world, at last free from Biblical rules, bear Hitler’s laws that seemed as restrictive as OT laws!!! Yes, his vision was a witness to Saxondom. But Saxondom had sucked up to Babylon and thus with Edomite leaders declared war on Germany and danced in the streets at its death.

With ‘that’ Germany out the way, there was no more witness left to Saxondom to stand in the way of the Melting Pot. Neo-Babylon was free to begin its long awaited dream of fordoing (destroying) the sleeping true Israelites, the Saxons.

Saxons did not care to trade their ‘might-kingdom’ in for a ‘mock-kingdom’. They fought a world war to get back their ‘mock-kingdom’, a fake realm where their minds would be entertained by heathenism; childish sport, Voodoo pop, kosher flicks, kosher architecture, transvestite women (namely, wearing men’s clothes, pants and so on), work place women and PMs,  and so forth. Some 60m Saxons had to die to have the right to have all that.

Neo-Babel was from thence free to go forward with the full backing of the now, heathen Saxons (that includes Judeo-Christians) who so loved Voodoo (Jazz, Swing, Blues, Pop, Rock, and so on) to bring in the next phase of Babel… Armageddon.

The fall of Saxondom began in the 1850 when jews were ‘freed’ from ghettos and allowed to become burgesses (citizens) in the lands they lived in, but the fall was in earnest with the USA, Federal Reserve Act, then WW1, then an attempt at an Armageddon in the 1920’s… but never got that far as Hitler got on the way as he tried to bring back a 3rd Holy Roman Ricke, this being a second witness to a Saxon Church age. Then, with  WW2 to kill this witness, the ‘system’ worked its way to Armageddon again, this time, free from Hitler Party Poopers.

By the 1970s, the barrier that split East from West, the Euphrates dried up. The kings (rulers) of the east were free to mobilize their throngs to the West. This ‘river’ not a real river but rather, boarders and seas (oceans, rifts, cultural differences and divides) were no longer a hindrance to those of ‘the East’.

I once asked an old lady from the now lost world of, The Dutch Indies… why did you lot hardly race mix if there were not sunder (apart) laws? She answered, “The cultural difference between them and us was too great. But now, with Pop music being the music of the heathen, and modern fashion being based on Negro slum clothing, and Western tongues being full of “Jive talk”, where in do we differ from the non-whites? If we dance the same, speak the same, have the same style of housing, the same style of music, the same style of art… then maybe, just maybe, the brain-dirtied Uni students of the 1960’s and their spawned Liberals, Socialists, Clergy, and Conservatives of today have found no argument against their battle cry, “It is wrong to discriminate on skin colour.” We are now all heathens under the skin! They ignore that the issue is not about colour, it is about specie, about race, and what God wants for our race.

With all the cultural differences brought closer together by negro music, silly sport, and political ‘isms’, the differences blurred.

Multi-culturalism was the trail blazer (heathen culture) with the unclean doctrines of the heathen religions, free to take over the Western mind; Judeo-Christianity became ‘the only Christianity in town’, Judaism became seen as the corner stone of all the 3 big religions, and Islam became the most heard (the 3 frogs or unclean doctrines of Revelation). The heathen were made welcome as the Saxons had become Judaized Whiggers (White-negros) and these were gathered together in a place called in the Hebrew tongue… Armageddon. 

Note if-you-will (please), that the text in Rev stresses, “in the Hebrew tongue”. Is that not odd when Hebrew was by then a dead tongue? Sure, a form of Hebrew was around at the time, but it was only left as a Rabbinical tongue. The NT text was in Greek. This word was placed into the text because it was a saying, one that was understood at the time. It is an idiom for today’s saying, the Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is a modern term.

Thus, the way was made free to form the Melting Pot with Saxons having fought for it. Yes folks, the Melting Pot, that is… Armageddon!

The verse does NOT say, ‘they’ were gathered for the battle called Armageddon, it states, ‘they’ were brought to Armageddon.

This is the greatest achievement of Babylon, the Melting Pot, it is the dream of melting pot lackeys, the Judeo-Christians, it is their ideal. To them, Hitler was a monster, who if alive today would divide the melting pot. But wait… Jesus said he was to divide the melting pot… hmmm… does that makes him a monster…?  That is a ‘Jesus’ which the Judeo-Christians can not stomach.

It is this Jesus, that non-church-going Saxons can also not hack. Yet Rev tells us, “it is done”. Then it talks of great earthquakes and so on after it, Armageddon is done. Indeed, Rev is speaking in symbolism when it speaks of earthquakes and so on… but, as it is as geist, it is also in the world and flesh.

Since the time the boat people and hordes of beast ‘refos’ (refugees) have streamed into former Christendom, our weather has been changing, but Babylon tries to hide the truth, it knows God is still in control, it is God’s doing it. Yet it claims it is all at the hand of Mother Nature. The tune changes from the Ozone Hole to Global warming, now to Global Freezing. The floods in Australia wiped swathes of land and town bigger than France and Germany together, in the state of Queensland. But all states have been hit in some way or another in Australia. Just as Queensland is tallying the cost, a double cyclone heads its way. The Premier of Queensland, a woman for that matter, a woman who does not go by her husband’s surname, made the following comment as to the double cyclone, “It’s like someone up there has it in for us…” is she waking up and smelling the coffee? What, someone ‘UP THERE?’

Armageddon is basically the last great phase of Babylon. It is not a nuke war, it is not a meteor strike or any other catastrophic blitz type, load of tripe as brewed up in Kosherdale or the Edomite media. Rather, it is a slow stealth war, hidden from blind eyed and deaf eared Saxons, it is the most catastrophic war against Saxons… EVER, it is called in a modern catch-cry as, Multi-racialism, and we are in it… bloomin’ deep. That my Saxon Israelite kin, is Armageddon!


In this realm of the gathered throngs, Saxon men are taught to be self haters, they are the bottom of the heap, painted as dumb and violent and they have turned to self harm, self-killing, booze, porn, and mindless sport to flee the pain of being down trodden. Saxon women are brash and aggressive but very unhappy, thinking they are happy shopping and with feminism, but feminism is controlled by alien males in high places and shopping only enriches the ‘traders of the earth’ (an ancient saying for, Multi-nationals).

In this Armageddon, Saxon children are the oppressors of Saxon dads, never chastised by parents and thrown into a world run by ‘wolves’ and allied predators. In this realm the Saxon culture is dead, music is voodoo, news is anti-Saxon slander, fashion is homo and jew made, architecture is jewish from the Bauhuas movement, art is jewish and African tribal, top jobs go to the whores to the Edomites but the very top jobs are in Edomite hands only…where we become the tail and they become the head, they lend to us but can not lend to them. It is a realm where environmentalism is about making the world a better place for ‘hunters and gatherers’ dressed up as lambs (beasts of the field in clothing)…yet in such an environment the Social Stress on Saxons will cause them to stop breeding. Indeed, Saxons have all but stopped breeding believing the world is not a place to raise children and the world is over-befolked. This ‘environment’ fetters farming, furthering the death-throws of the Saxons, as  Saxons we made to survive only by farming; they can not live as beasts of the field.

Saxon men need causes to stand up for, yet the only causes on offer are made by Saxon haters, thus these are pointless causes; saving native plants and whales whilst untold Saxon babies are slaughtered every day in abortion clinics. With no truth taught from the Bible to saxons, our light has gone out, we, the stars and lights of the world have fallen to earth and have been snuffed, to be replaced by fake Edomite stars, tv, film and sport whores.

This is truly our darkest hour!

The night is at its darkest as Saxons do not know what to fight for… they do not know that Multi-racialism IS a war. Those Saxons who do say anything at all, are quashed by brain-smutted Saxons who will die fighting to uphold the right to be a mob of heathen twits and Saxon Voodoo lovers. Indeed, the Saxons were all too keen to smash Germany, drain Zuid Afrika, end Segregation in the US, end the White Australia Policy in Australia,  ridicule whites of Rhodesia, slander former Belgium Kongo, and dump all former colonies in an effort to keep playing international sport, have international Voodoo music, and international Talmudic entertainment, and Multi-national sold ‘goodies’ made in Asia.

But my Saxon kin, so far, all of time-spell (history) has been unfolding as Revelation tells it. Only the last little bit that follows Armageddon, is yet to unfold and unfold it will as Revelation tells it, there is no other script that the true time-spell follows, regardless of the Edomite script that is rammed down our throats. And the true script tells us that the next phase is the unraveling of Neo-Babylon and the rise of the Saxon… Saxons in rule with ‘Their father’, yes, Our father. Amen. Hail Jesus!

(ON)sensitiewe Woord-Studie