Christian Aryanism — Fides et Gens, Inseperable., [2021/12/27 05:49 PM]
Solus Genus: (Six Solas (

The White Race alone has the opportunity for Salvation. More appropriately designation Adamic Race alone [Romans 11:16; 1 Corinthians 15:22,45], however Adamkind has been scripturally and anthropologically identified as the White race today.

This has been identified with:—
¹ the etymology of Adam’s name describing his complexion as hyperdepigmentised, white and translucent to show blood through the skin [Strongs Concordance H119-121].

² the phenotypical traits of Adamic people which are unique to the White race: hyperdepigmentised (white) complexion [1 Samuel 16:12. 17:42; Psalm 51:7; Song of Solomon 5:10,13-15. 7:4; Isaiah 29:22; Jeremiah 30:6; Lamentations 4:7; Revelation 1:14-16; Qu’ran(Sahih al-Bukhari 7128); Spurious(Genesis Apocryphon (1Q20) col 20); Spurious(1 Enoch 106.2)], brunet hair capable of being sun-bleached to blond [Song of Solomon 5:11], red hair [Genesis 25:25; 1 Samuel 16:12. 17:42; Lamentations 4:7], blond hair [Revelation 1:14-16; Patrologiæ Græca 120:191-194; Virgil Aeneid 4:590; Spurious(1 Enoch 106.2)], blue or green eyes [Song of Solomon 5:12. 7:4; Lamentations 4:7; Revelation 1:14-16; Patrologiæ Græca 120:191-194; Spurious(1 Enoch 106.2)].

³ the ability to digest lactose by Adamic people, especially in high densities such as cow diary (>4.8% lactose), a trait extremely rare among nonwhite populations but nearly universal among all Whites (>85%) and universal among Northern Europeans (>95%) [Genesis 18:8; Song of Solomom 5:1; Isaiah 7:22].

⁴ the etymology and origin of the word Arab (e’rab) which describes both “mixed mongrels” (miscegenated) and “to darken via mixing”, which infers that for an Adamic person to mix (miscegenation), would mean to darken their complexion, implying an originally pale complexion [Strongs Concordance H6148-6155].

⁵ the etymology and origin of the word Simian (simias) which means “snub/ flat nosed” a phenotypical trait absent from the White race yet universal among all nonwhites, which describes non-human primates (apes), yet is used as a pejorative (slur) against men and used in scripture when referring to foreign slaves shipped to Solomon [1 Kings 10:22; 2 Chronicles 9:21].

⁶ the identified location of the Garden of Eden (Adam’s birthplace) which heavily corresponds to the identified location of the origin of Caucasians (White race’s birthplace), both of which are located approximately in the same region of Northeastern Western-Asia, both definitively within a 350km radius of 39.05° 44.67°.

⁷ the Apostles of Jesus Christ, were sent to evangelize the entire Adamic world to Christianity, yet spread only to Europe and regions of North Africa and West Asia inhabited by Whites, spreading as far as 5177km from Jerusalem to Iceland, whilst completely neglecting nonwhite regions within a few hundred kilometres of Jerusalem.

⁸ the Judaeans, the central Adamic tribe, being racially indistinguishable from Ancient Greeks, a phenotypically-Nordic White tribe, and only distinguishable by circumcision [Josephus Antiquities 12:241].

⁹ the hundreds of various mosaics depicting Adamic peoples around Palestine with phenotypical traits unique to the White race, with notable mentions such as: Paleochristian 4ᵗʰ centuryᴬᴰ Caucasian Moses with swastika the crossing of the Red Sea – Catacomb of Via Latina Rome, 5ᵗʰ centuryᴬᴰ blond Alexander the Great and blond Maccabees – Huqoq site Israel, 4ᵗʰ centuryᴬᴰ blond Judaean slaves pouring wine in Roman Tunis – Tunis Tunisia North Africa.

¹⁰ various genetic studies, notably: PLoS Genetics, February 2013 (10.1371/journal.pgen.1003316 | 23468648) “We reconstructed the genetic structure of the Levantines and found that a pre-Islamic expansion Levant was more genetically similar to Europeans than to Middle Easterners.”; PLoS One, May 2016 (10.1371/journal.pone.0155046 | 27224451) “carried a rare European haplogroup… first direct ancient DNA evidence of a Phoenician individual… U5b2c2 sequences all originate in Central- and North-Western Europe… a young Phoenician man, with a European mitochondrial lineage.”