EXCLUSIVE: New Fauci Email Proves He Funded Lab Training for Wuhan’s Most Deadly Lab.

Scientists Promoted Natural Origins Theory While Privately Acknowledging Possibility of Lab Leak | Truth Over News

Dr. Judy Mikovits warns Fauci may release MORE deadly bioweapons on the world
Judy Mikovits interviewed by Mike Adams.
NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always…

Dr. Rand Paul on HHS Sec. Becerra Ignoring COVID-19 Science – October 1, 2021

Recitations: COVID=Crime, The “Vaccine” is the Pandemic

This is an interesting interview by Max Igan of a UK based funeral director. Recommend tuning in starting  around 11 minutes. The key takeaways are all repetitive for those of us who’ve known the following all along, yet a useful clip for those still approaching their COVID A-Ha moment –

* The PCR tests are totally bogus

* This is a campaign of genocide, asset and civil liberties theft

* People need to stand up, say no, and turn the tables on the COVID crime syndicate

HUGE!!! Aussie Court Rules Mandatory Jabs Violate Free Informed Consent Therefore Break the Law

J&J Vaccine Possibly Linked to Two More Serious Health Conditions, EU Regulator Finds

CDC and Dr. Fauci Push 3rd Booster Shot Despite Scientists’ Warning against it

What Are They Hiding? UK Government Blacks Out Details of Conversations Between Fauci and British Doctors on COVID’s Origins

Earlier this year emails were released that revealed Dr. Fauci repeatedly lied to the American public while telling a different story to his close associates.

Fauck lied about the fact that most all of COVID victims had comorbidities.

Apartheid Australia: Hell On Earth

Top Republican: Why Haven’t Dems Probed Cuomo Nursing Home ‘Coverup’?


CLINTON CAMPAIGN IMPLICATED in Anti-Trump Smears! Abuse of Kids at the Border, Ashli Babbitt & More!

Russell Brand “Canceled” For Telling Truth About RussiaGate & Hillary!

Kash Patels: Why the Sussman Indictment is a Big Deal | CLIP

Pentagon Scientist Very Concerned Over Canary Islands

Ingraham: The media’s Durham investigation blackout

Wisconsin Ad Points Out That 57,000 Ballots Were Fraudulent in AZ, Calls for WI Audit