AZ AUDIT! British Media Calls November Election a FRAUD!!!

Computer Programmer Testifies He Was Hired To Rig Elections

Florida Gov. DeSantis Opens Investigation Into Facebook Tampering With 2020 Election

Doctors Report: COVID Jabs Are Actually Boosting Cancer Spread!

The British government has been accused of trying to bypass Parliament in an effort to implement vaccine passports via the backdoor, with the scheme under review AGAIN despite assurances it wasn’t being considered.

UK Government Report: Vast Majority of Delta Variant Deaths Are VACCINATED People, NOT Unvaccinated People – National File
A Public Health England Technical briefing released in September 2021 entitled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” has some findings that do not bode well for vaccine supporters. The numbers show vaccinated people contracted and died of the so-called “Delta” variant of Coronavirus at a far …

[POPE / cHURCH – DOING …] The Work of the Devil

Eze 34:10
I am against the shepherds;[= WHORE/church]
and I will require my flock[=12 Tribes/White West=Jam.1:1]
#at_their_hand…for I will deliver my flock from their[WHORE] mouth….

Rev 18:4
Come out of her[= WHORE/church]
my people[=my flock/VOLK=12 Tribes/White West=Jam.1:1]

Senator Leaves Generals SPEECHLESS When He Shows How Biden Lied Repeatedly

Quick Lesson: The Power of a bit of White Activism

SILENCE = DEATH. This is what Whites need to understand. The Jews, Blacks and everyone else make lots of noise as a survival strategy