Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007) – Documentary (SWESUB)

But who… is at the core of this …#joo-world ‘order’ spider web??
Gen 3:15
And I will put enmity between
thee [serpent/satan (-cain-esau/edom /illuminati-*jews)]
and the woman, [Adam/WHiTe Race=Hebrew 119-121]
and between thy seed and her seed…

And Esau[=edom/#joo –world order]
hated Jacob[12Tribes White West–Jam1:1]
and said…I will slay
my brother Jacob[White West]

((This Study Was Apparently Taken Down /2020 – By Who /Why!!!* _
But Here is A Copy; Re-discovered & Posted At :
http://onsensitiewewoord.co.za/2021/05/24/jacob-i-loved-esau-i-hated/  ) )

The F/N Serpent Seed( Gen 3:15) Is “Terminator_ing” ALL Truths_BigTime : WHY( Now)!!

As it is written……………….Jacob I LOVED – Esau I HATED

One of the collapsed pillars on which the covid HOLOCAUST*** would have rest, is that the average number of global deaths per year is CONSISTANT*** with past decades – only anomaly is that in 2020/1 >THE SEASONAL FLU / PNEUMONIA HAD DISAPPEARED … ***

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