*Secret Societies . . . / a synopsis

[GERMANY]  as the home of militarism offers a wide field for Jewish speculation. We have only to couple together an aphorism of Mirabeau’s with one of Werner Sombart’s to perceive the bond of union between the two races, thus: War is the national industry of Prussia’ and Wars are the Jew’s harvests.’ As long ago as 1793 Anacharsis Clootz, the apostle of universal brotherhood and defender of the Jewish race, declared that if Germany were to be prevented from going to war, the Jews must be persuaded to withdraw their support from her military adventures.

          ‘War could not begin or last in Germany without the activity, the intelligence, and the money of the Jews.  Mr. [Henry] Ford, the American motor-car manufacturer, appears to have arrived at much the same conclusion expressed in the words recently attributed to him: We don’t need the League of Nations to end war. Put under control the fifty most wealthy Jewish financiers, who produce wars for their own profit, and wars will cease.

Those Jews who see in the Christian Intelligentsia the main obstacle to their dream of world-power, therefore naturally find in the promoters of class-warfare their most valuable allies [=p17a].  Whether [] the Jewish power is unified or not, Jews are to be found co-operating with, if not directing, all the five [subversive] powers of which the existence is known. Thus Jews have long played a leading part in Grand Orient Masonry and predominate in the upper degrees.

          We must conclude then that if one Power controls the rest [=secret societies] it is either the Pan-German Power, the Jewish Power or what we can only call Illuminism“.

OF  course on their face value the Illuminati appear wholly admirable … [This method], pursued as early as the ninth century by Abdullah ibn Maymün, enter largely into the policy of Frederick the Great, Voltaire, and his brothers’ in philosophy – or in Freemasonry.

          The resemblances between [Adam] Weishaupt’s correspondence and that of Voltaire and of Frederick the Great are certainly very Striking. All at moments profess respect for Christianity whilst working to destroy it. Yet what is Weishaupt’s real political theory? No other than that of modern Anarchy, that man should govern himself and rulers should be gradually done away with.  With the origin of nations and peoples the world ceased to be a great family, a single kingdom [=NWO-Babilon]; the great tie of nature was torn … Nationalism took the place of human love … This virtue was called Patriotism. Diminish Patriotism, then men will learn to know each other again as such, their dependence on each other will be lost, the bond of union will widen out” [=27Okt 02, p49/50].

          Indeed the actual phraseology of illuminized Freemasonry has now passed into the language of Socialism; thus the old formula of the United States of Europe’ and the Universal Republic’ [NWO/Babilonse hoer] have been adopted not only by Mrs. [Annie] Besant and her followers as the last word in modern thought, but have also reappeared as a brilliant inspiration under the pen of mr. H.G. Wells in the slightly varied form of the World State.’ It would be amusing, for anyone who had the time, to discover how many of the ideas of our so-called advanced thinkers [=verligtes \ neo-afrikane(r) / neo-reformasiete \ boetmanniete] might be found almost verbatim in the writings of Weishaupt, the République Universelle of Anacharsis Clootz, and in the speeches of Grand Orient orators …

          Moreover, the world-revolution is not only founded on the doctrines of illuminized Freemasonry, but has adopted the same method of organization. Thus, after the plan of the secret societies, from the Batinis onward, we shall find the forces of revolution divided into successive grades – the lowest consisting of the revolutionary proletariat, the chair à révolution as Marx expressed it, knowing nothing of the theory of Socialism, still less of the real aims of the leaders; above this the semi-initiates, the doctrinaires of Socialism, comprising doubtless many sincere enthusiasts; but above these again further grades leading up to the real initiates, who alone know whither the whole movement is tending [NBIcke, p2].

THE  most illuminating passage in the whole of M. Copin Albancelli’s book is where he describes an experience that befell him after he had taken the degree of Rose-Croix. It was then that one of his superiors took him aside and addressed him in the following terms:

          ‘You realize the power which Freemasonry has at its disposal. We can say that we hold France. It is not because of our numbers, since there are only 25,000 Freemasons in this country [1889]. Nor is it because we are the brains … We hold France because we are [] the only people who are organized. But above all, we hold France because we have an aim, this aim is unknown; as it is unknown, no obstacle can be put in its way; and finally, as no obstacle is put up, the way is wide open before us.  You can imagine the power at the command of such an association? An association thus selected would do anything it chose.  IT  COULD  POSSESS  THE  WORLD  IF  IT PLEASED.” […!!!]

          Thereupon the higher adept, after asking for a further promise of secrecy, declared: Well, in exchange for this promise, Brother Copin, I am authorized to let you know that this association exists and that further, I am authorized to introduce you into it.’

          It was then that Monsieur Copin Albancelli understood that the point to which the conversation was leading up was not as he had at first supposed, an invitation to take the next step in Freemasonry – the thirtieth degree of Knight Kadosch – but to enter through a side-door into an association concealed within Freemasonry and for which the visible organization of the latter served merely as a cover. This experience had afforded him a glimpse of ‘a world existing behind the masonic world, more secret than it, unsuspected by it as by the outside world.’ Freemasonry, then, can only be the half-lit antechamber of the real secret society. That is the truth. There exists then necessarily a permanent directing Power. We cannot see that Power, therefore it is occult.

          What is the real motive power behind such societies as the Stella Matutina and again behind [Rudolph] Steiner? This remains a mystery, not only to the outside world but to the ‘initiates’ themselves. Yet hope springs eternal in the breast of the aspirant after occult knowledge, and astral message []. One of these contained the exhortation: Go on with Steiner, which is not the ultimate end of search, and we will come into contact with … the real master of the Order, who will be so overpoweringly impressive as to leave no room for doubt [=Lucifer, geheime krag”;  2Tess2-/ Op13-gedrog;  ook Mark13:22].

          [Behind] the concrete forces of revolution – whether Pan-German, Judaic, or Illuminist – beyond that invisible secret circle which perhaps directs them all, is there not yet another force, still more potent, that must be taken into account? [=geheime krag” -2Tess 2:7+;  pp1-3+]. [We] have considered the possibility that behind both open and secret subversive societies there may exist a hidden centre of direction [“geheime krag”, Illum.], and finally we have observed that at the present time many lines of investigation reveal a connexion between these groups and the Grand Orient [Vrymesselaarselite], or rather with an invisible circle concealed behind that great masonic power.”